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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Last Christmas....

Merry Christmas! There’s 12 days to Christmas right(?) and it just so happened that today's the 12th day. No I kid. I drafted this and scheduled for publishing. I had a blast on the Christmas day itself so much that it drained out all the energy reserved for the whole year wtf. The day started off at the Iserals ( my ex colleague’s family) Christmas Party, it was more of a catch-up and all. I love her place so much, it is always so cozy and Christmas just leveled up its coziness.  The host, my BFF at work, Lexine, took the effort to create a photo area with backdrop and props wtf.

I’m so glad I met her while working and thankful that she always had me in mind. <3 Thanks babe and family for having me in the afternoon.

After a yummy lunch at the Iserals, I had to rush home to prepare as we planned an evening visit to the Gardens By the Bay!Went for the party earlier with my bare face cause I was so lazy. Mehhhhhhh.

Andy bought the tickets from the official website and I’m not sure if there were a promo, but we paid $18 each to enter both the domes. It was my first time to the Cloud Dome despite visiting the Flower Dome several times. There also some free exhibits/ light displays at the open area and it was pretty crowded. Walao you all no need eat Christmas dinner one meh! Here’s some visuals to share!

My camera was too cold so my pictures looked smoky.

Both of us got precious shoes so we didn't join them to get some snow stepping on the mud.

End up the wind blew and the snow flew out.

Here’s to the last part of my day – picking my travel Khaki up from the airport! It’s been ages since we had everyone together, all of us were so busy. But anyway, Leemei’s coming back for good!

 We had a mini surprise or prank ( can’t decide for that) for her and had supper the ever popular Swee Choon for dimsum together with our serious yet hilarious conversations.

It’s 5 am in the morning while I draft this blog post out and I’m reporting for work in a few hours time. Can’t be any grateful for all this amazing people in my life. My Thursday wee hours well spent wtf.

Well… Bye for now.



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