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Thursday, January 15, 2015

#migupPenang : Monkey Beach

Welcome to my private beach! 

Kidding guys. I wish. wtf. But it was indeed my first impression when I first saw the beach. So little people I could really called it mine. Anyway, welcome to another ep of #migupPenang, I took so long to finish the #migupPenang Travel log my colleague has been complaining, " you not paiseh ah, so long already still haven finish your Penang trip." Little did she know, most of my personal travellogs are not up yet wtf.

Okay come back. 

Thanks Renee for the shot!

Thanks Hazel for the shot!

I don't know what's this but I could it was pretty cool !

Group pic with our lovely guide, Ellora at the back!

Also tried out some fun shots before we head back.

And a sandfie shot that was inspired by a picture Wendy stumbled upon.

How can we miss out jump shots when we were at the beach ?

 Tried out a jump shot with Renee !

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