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Friday, January 9, 2015

That $50 weekend

Hello ! Apart from my awesome budget-ness, I would I could share on how I spend SGD$50 with the usual weekend buddies, for BOTH Saturday and Sunday.

Tip one : sleep till late. 

Angie & Duffy

Errr, actually I didn't even catch a glimpse of sleep that day. Not sure why,  I justtttttttt can't sleep. Basically this tip is for you to sleep until you song, till you wakes up naturally. Then meet your friends on the late afternoon. Also can save breakfast money and some lunch moolah too.

Tip two : Choose a public recreation place. 

A hidden tip here is also to be late so you start your activity later but not recommended. We chose Jurong East swimming complex where there are also slides to play with, you can also choose other more interesting complex or newer ones. I suggest the one at Seng Kang cause there's indoor swimming complex. We were so lazy we just soak ourselves in the Jacuzzi pool the whole time.  Things to note is that no photography is allowed, no tops are allowed but luckily FBTS are allowed *heng ah*. Entrance is $2 per person and it let us soak the whole day, floats are on rental for $5 but we didn't had the chance to rent it. Got money also don't have.

Tip three : Share an awesome zi char dinner. 

I love zi chars! Especially with a bigger group, so much food variety at a reasonable price. Can't remember how much the bill was but we had our dinner at the coffeeshop opposite the swimming complex. One thing I dislike is that ridiculous amount of passer-bys at our table - that asshole insects. Less than $15 per pax.

Tip four : Chill out like a worm.

We chose Leon's place cause it's the nearest and the coziest among all our rooms. Just chill only.

That probably sums up the Saturday.
I had to work on Sunday mornings so I met Andy for lunch after work

Tip five : Lunch less than $10 

We had Ayam Pengent at Somerest 313 Basement 1 and people watch. We were watching people eating llao llao. Actually I would strongly suggest eating lunch at Lucky Plaza. It's like my favourite lunch place when I was working in the shopping district, cheap good and super yummy. I never had a chance to bring my friends there but I would love to if they want. But please avoid lunch hours on weekdays it's super crowded. My favourites are the Nasi Lemak , cai peng from basement (the fish soup also not bad), cheng tng from level 2 from yong tau foo from level 5 (must try the mushroom and meat ball!) Oh and lunch was $5.50!

Tip six : Queue up for something. 

It was the Honey Creme craze that time ( isit over yet?). Anyway it was almost official news that Singaporeans love to queue what.We queued for half an hour before we had a taste of the soft serve. I nearly got cursed and had my face shoved into the ice cream machine, almost.
That's $6.50 by the way.

Tip seven : Go and take a look at some free activities. 

Actually that week had SG Writer Fest also but we didn't go, I guess my friends are not that into literature. Okay anyway we were at a doggy event. Leon came to join us so the dog owners got something for their dogs and made a donation. There's also an adoption drive and it was my first time into an animals' event so it was quite an eye opener for me.

Tip eight: Set a budget for dinner but eat like king. 

We window shopped and settled dinner at Saieriya. Not sure why we went to the one at Cathay when there's an outlet at Orchard Gateway (tucked at a little corner in case you don't know too) but yup we ate dinner like king. So much food we couldn't finish. It was quite fun while being calculative of what we were going to have with our budget set too! Ahem, maximizing our dollars okay!

And that pretty much ends the splendid weekend!Total expenditure = $44 excluding transportation. So proud of ourselves. It also seems like a good workout to think of $50 weekend dates, hopefully I can think of more and execute it and then blog about it. #seemslikeaplan.

That's all for now, tatas!


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