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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Transformer Exhibition at Singapore Science Centre

Bought the little cousin together with the #bfffl to the Transformer Exhibition happening at the Singapore Science Centre last December. My cousin's a great fan of the character and I thought why not bring him along before he starts school. This boy grow so fast he's in primary one this year liao.

The exhibition was awesome I loved it! It was actually more than just the Transformers, there were science facts that could be found around the exhibit where they share about space, cells, mainly about how things transform. I liked it, but I also find that it's too much for young children to learn, my cousin totally didn't want to listen when I tried to explain... Ah! and I also like the fact that photography is allowed . #happycells

Tickets were $30 for adults and $22.80 for children, 10% discount if you have NETS Flashpay.
Prices EXCLUDES entry to the Science Centre.

Laser tag game or whatever it's called. It's so fun my cousin and I enjoyed ourselves.
I paired with Adeline and I felt like a totally noob and lao ren. I think I kept hitting the lines lor. Meh. Nice experience to remember.

Fun facts like this.
Although I failed my science but I still know about stem cells but honestly which mum would explain to their children? Too chim liao!

Visual Projection/ 3D mapping

There were also children activity corner where in the picture, my cousin is coloring a mask, can't remember how much was it but as long as he's happy  :) #awesomesister.

Adeline and I were commenting that it was really worth the money while we thought we were only half way through it. Later to realise we were at the last bit. -.- But I really do think that it was really worth it, there was an activity book prepared which was really awesome for teenagers but a little tough for young children to comprehend. There were also activities like making robots using recyclable materials (which we skipped)
And cardboard Robot which drew Adeline and I's attention, or what we called the usual bo liao things we buy.

The cousin wanted to make his own clay transformer and we did!

It was quite cool! We were given some clay after payment, and it was super duper soft. Surprisingly it was really easy to make. We were given instructions and a sample for reference, and we were by our own. Basically we have to make everything into a ball then mould it to the shape of the parts. Simple enough for the dumb sister to help too. #awesomesisterpart2

YAY! The happy boy with his bumble bee clay model!

That's when we realised that it was the end of the exhibit... 
Opposite the displays was the exit door, you're welcome.

Collectibles where the cousin grew hearts on his eyes.

Big Sista's #ootd

What disappoints me was the merchandise sold. I was expected some special edition transformers but it seems rather not very attracting and honestly, nothing special. We spent about 3-4 hours including activities time but it may be longer if you choose to catch the movie in the makeshift cinema. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

If you are interested you may find more information on : www.tf30.sg.
The exhibit is ongoing till the 1 Mar 2015.

Address : The Annexe , Singapore Science Centre.
Nearest MRT : Jurong EAST MRT.


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