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Thursday, February 5, 2015

#migupPenang : Heritage Boutique accommodation at Hotel Penaga

Hello to another episode of #migupPenang! Well, you know I spent three nights with the Mig.me team & bloggers (argh miss them already) and not sure if you realised but we changed lodging on the last night. The team decided to give us a good night rest after the hectic activities which I will share soon.

We checked into Hotel Penega. Ruiying, Hazel and I past by the hotel during our arrival day and the taxi driver causally mentioned that Hotel Penega is a nice hotel , atas, blah blah blah... basically the nice words and Hazel was like,"We are staying there the day after tomorrow"  #insertsmirkface

Hotel Penega is a luxury boutique hotel located along Chulia Street as well. I mean, there's so many boutique hotels in Georgetown and perhaps all are equally convenient and what's so special about Hotel Penega ?

We were brought on to a tour after our check-in and it changed my views about the place. The hotel was converted from a cluster of 15 pre-war terrances and shophouses in 2008. Now, the boutique hotel has 45 rooms which makes them the big brother among the other boutique hotel in that area. . There were four types of rooms available, the Clarke Terraces  , Transfer suites, Hutton Rooms, Penega Suites.

Welcome to my mansion.

So happy we checked into one of the Clarke Terraces. I had no idea what the hotel manager was talking about when she told me that all 5 of us were staying in a room. I was like what? Another dorm ??? She gave up explaining to this dumb block and brought us straight to the unit! Then, wild jaw drop moment happened.

Each room is furnished with antique pieces of furniture and unique artwork contributed by artists from Southeast Asia and Australia.
 Behind the door was a back yard + 4 seater Jacuzzi !!!!

 Just FYI, ALL rooms has a Jacuzzi spa bath .
Not so mini minibar

Awesome pantry 


Overview from the stairways

The size of the unit in level one was like those chalets in Pasir Ris that we used to party in and I didn't expect so much. WOW level was about 500 already at that time. We walked up the stairs and there were 2 rooms !

  Wait, take picture with the full length mirror first.

Both rooms were equipped with double sized beds and a toilet each. One of the rooms also had a balcony.

 Hazel, Renee and I stayed in the other room, even more gorgeous . Look at that bed frame!

We had a great night stay, and I would strongly recommend to families or friends travelling in four. Our spacious suite had us and our Penang friends for a round of chit chat and drinks. And all of us sat comfortably.

Hotel Penaga also have other facilities like spa/ massage, conference rooms and dining area.

 If you want to have a quiet moment in the bustling street, you might want to have your dinner at the restaurant like we did. Alvin did a mini presentation with us so we had dinner in a lounge locating in the Tanglung Bar. Check out the pretty lighting in the bar.

The Tanglung bar offers a variety of bar snacks and beverages. Perfect for solo travelers !

Dinner was prepared by the Cinnamon Resturant where they serve Western and Asian cuisine.

The hotel also have a Business centre and Library  where guests can relax, read a book in there or maybe ring up your family back home.

 Wake up to Hotel breakfast!

One of the things I look forward to when I stay in a hotel would be the morning breakfast spread! Together with the ladies, we took a 2 mins walk back to the main lobby where the Cinnamon Restaurant was located!

I wasn't feeling too well that morning so I didn't take much, just a little each . I think it's because I didn't want to leave. :(

Not forgetting the little garden we walked through to the main lobby for breakfast!

Swimming pool!


Remember I mention earlier about the different types of rooms available ?

Hutton Suites (Deluxe Rooms)

Transfer Suites

Selfie at Guest toilet , Hotel Main Lobby

Good news!

We have a promo code to share, use MigupPenang-AA while you make your reservations with Hotel Penaga at sales.reservations@hotelpenaga.com

Corner of Jalan Hutton & Lebuh Clarke
10050 George Town 

Telephone : +601 300 88 1891
Email : info@hotelpenaga.com
Website : www.hotelpenaga.com


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