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Monday, March 30, 2015

Cheap Thrills Saturday.

Hello !
It's time of the year for bonding time with Fenny so we went to the River Safari. Not.

HAHAH , very nice of Starhub to send me a pair of tickets to River Safari, but I overlooked the validity date by a week. Didn't know there was an expiry date whattttt. We didn't want to pay to meet the pandas so we en route to Choa Chu Kang, to explore Far-Mart, a place where both of us have never went before. I was super ready for animals (normally I'm not), so I was okay to deal with animals that day. Basically we took the $1 shuttle bus from a bus stop below the MRT Tracks and left to Far Mart!

To be honest, there ain't much things to do there, what we did was to snap some pictures and feed some animals. How I wish I had my driving license and a car to drive. :(

Fen brought some cat food for her strays so the shop assistant at SuperCats asked us for a picture, I think for her FB Page or something, so we had her to snap from my cam too, since we were on tourist mode that day.

Also met some bird-lovers showcasing their birds. They are so pretty they deserve some snaps from my awesome camera!

We cut through the prawning centre, for the Feeding Corner.

 Which was kinda the objective that day - to feed animals wtf.
Despite having so much fun interacting with the animals, I can't help to feel that they were kept in a poor condition. There were tortoises, frogs, rabbits, catfish , goat (!!!), guinea pigs and some chicks.

By right, no photography is allowed. By left, if you pay $5 for some food for the animals, photography is allowed. We bought a set of animal food which allows us to feed allllll the animals there. It was really fun.

Fed birds for the first time! I was quite afraid that they would bit me, luckily they are more afraid of me than I was towards them. Phew.

Goat xi fa cai, anyway it was just a few days after CNY when I was here , so meet Shun Li (smoothly in Chinese ) They were super active (not sure hungry or what) but harmless.

Hello bunnies! I didn't know rabbits DO eat carrots, I always thought they eat those random pet food!


And guinea pigs! 

Errrr, I don't know much about them but they just eat the carrots we gave.

We didn't feed the rooster but they looked like they were doing a shoot with us the whole time.

Ayam Brand endorser.

An attempt of welfie shot with the goat before we leave

Had a little break at the food centre, enjoying our coconut drink on the super hot day.

Address: 67 Sungei Tengah Rd, Singapore 699008
Nearest MRT Station : Choa Chu Kang

Explored the new malls in the West, since there were so much changes since the last time we BOTH were there. How many years ago was that sia.  Tim Ho Wan in Singapore for the first time!

I would say the one in Hong Kong is much bigger and I doubt I would patronise the SG branch again, #missHK.

That marks our touristy Saturday.
Yawns, totally drained out our energy and I officially marked it as the most tiring day in 2015.


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