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Monday, March 2, 2015

Eating Non-stop Bangkok , July edition


I hope you have read my previous post on my sightseeing day during my trip to Bangkok, while today I share more on the food I had and some encounters. And *waves*, I'm finally back to complete the BKK travel log. 

We touched in during evening time and once we checked-in to our hotel, we quickly went to hunt for food. Oh! My friend, Weijian and I stayed in Lemontea hotel this time round. Good thing I traveled with him because I would not starve anyone. BUYS FOOD EVERY 50 STEPS!

I love the lemontea Hotel! It was recommended by my friend but didn't had the chance to visit it during the April trip with cousins. But it was good! Even better for single travellers, Baiyoke Suite hotel was great for value but too far from the shopping areas. ST and I had to be really cautious on our way back during our stay there. Hotel 93 (trip with cousins) was in the middle so distance wise, Lemontea hotel won! Price is comparable with Hotel 93

We had the popular pink t-shirt chicken rice for dinner!

 I love Bangkok for my Calpis dose.

Day 2 now and the first thing I did was to change my money at Super Rich. Actually no, I had breakfast first. My source tells me that Silom has better rates but my rates were already better than Singapore. No complains.

Breakfast is at my favourite pork porridge auntie's stall. Glad my foodie travel partner like it too!

This kitty keep following circulating out table some more invite his friends, looking like he wants a cat fight with me.

Having that said, it means shopping time and nobody takes pictures when shopping.
Lunch at Platinum Mall's food court. Decent food lor

Then WeiJian taught me how to take the public bus in Bangkok and here we go to Union Mall! ( which is better shopping by the way)

I'm in Bangkok but taking a Singaporean bus wtf.
Apparently the bro says that Singapore sold our old buses to Thailand.

You are welcome, SBS transit.

Another reason to why I love Bangkok - they have collaborations with Hello Kitty.

We went back to Siam area to shop for more and took a bus to the Bangkok's Chinatown. wtf
Feeling expert not nao, can take bus around Bangkok lei!
while during the journey....

I was also asked to change seats with a monk, I later learned that it was because monks are not allowed to have contact with ladies so he cannot sit beside me. Luckily someone explained to me in English, everyone just looked at me blankly when the bus conductor lady explain to me in Thai. EVERYONE SPEAKS TO ME IN THAI IN THAILAND.

Settled dinner at TK Seafood! Can't remember how much was it, but it was utterly shiok.

Day 4 in Bangkok, the third day we were away from Bangkok remember ?

Starting the day with A&W!
I'm sure we had something else in the morning.

We went back to our hotel to put down things and brought coconut ice cream from the Ice cream man! (the one that walks the streets)

Then to Central World for dinner! Wa Hello kitty donuts <3

I loveeeeee Fuji Japanese Restaurant so we had that for dinner. The bro wasn't very impressed though.

p/s: just stick to Jap food ba.

Eat everything in BKK!
And bring me back there.


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