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Friday, May 29, 2015


It's Day 4, and we were starting to feel a little sad as it's nearer to time for us to go home... 
It was also the day that I started to feel the high standard of living in Hong Kong. 

A meal on average cost about SGD $8 and it's just basic food. Kinda make me feel how blessed I am with all my hawker food back in Singapore. 

Nonetheless, Cui Wah for breakfast!

THIS IS A MUST ORDER GUYS,  it is sooooo good!

Well, I can't remember what are the rest of the food anymore..

We pretty much covered all the places that tourists go and we felt a little richer today, so we headed down to the Horizon Plaza, which was one of my favourite places to grab cheap deals. Horizon plaza is like a factory outlet to several luxury brands/ retailers. One of the best places to buy brands like YSL, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Anteprima, just to name a few.

Getting there is really simple, what we did was that we travel to Central Station and take a bus there. Horizon Plaza is located nearby in a residential estate so the bus will stop there and we took a cab in to the industrial areas. The bus ride takes about 45 mins while the cab is less than 5mins.
p/s : They actually have shuttle bus services but I always end up at the wrong interchange so I never got to know where is the shuttle service.

My loots weren't as great as my previous trip but still a happy shopper!
We took the shuttle bus to the interchange and then a bus back to Mongkok, experienced the first jam in Hong Kong roads too.

I can't remember where I took this, but I just thought it was quite nice. 

You're welcome. 

 Such adorable cakes at Argyle Mall! 

We had the thought to get our nails done but we met an epic male manicurist and left. 

No new nails to flaunt, sorry guys. HAHA

Back to our "home" and there's what I wore for Day4.


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