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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Guide to Hua Hin

The most amazing two days I spent this year. I'm not sure if I did, but I've repeatedly mention to my peers that I super want to go to Hua Hin, like there was a force that just keep draws me there. And I'm finally there! Woohoo!
Angie Applepie

I actually did up an itinerary for the trip outta Bangkok but ended up we followed our driver's guide instead. I admit I was a little unhappy at first but I did not voice out and just went ahead. I mean like, people local, they should know better than someone who just used google maps to determine the itinerary right?

We were in Bangkok the night before, so we woke up super early ( supposed to be even earlier but both of us can't wake up at all). Bought our breakfast fom 7-11 and took a tuk-tuk to the minivan pick up point at Victory Monument.

mini van to hua hin
My aweseome receptionist wrote this for me and it worked like magic. #tourist

You will probably end up here or at other point that's under a bridge. 
mini bus interchange at victory monument

The trip took us about 3 + hours from Bangkok to Hua Hin, as we depart at about 8am(?).
There are various mode of transportation to and fro the states but I strongly recommend to take the mini van there, it's like car pooling so we travelled with mostly locals ( in our mini van that is) and each ticket is only THB 180. 
take mini bus at victory monument to huahin

If you were to book a car or van to that place its gonna cost at least 10 times. My suggestion is to reach there early so when the minivan is about full, they are ready to go.
I mean of course if you are travelling in big group, book the whole minivan like what I did when I went to Kanchanaburi last year but we only had 2 so it's not very worth it. Also, it is quite fun to travel like a Khun Thai. hehe.

Reached there at 11 plus and looked for cab drivers that would be able to host us for the trip. Most people take the whole day but I requested for 2 days for THB1600. With that deal, he promises us five attractions + to the hotel/resort and then on the second day to one place then to the minivan pick up location.

First to Plearn wan!

Plearn wan is an eco-village that feature the life of Huahin in the 1950s, A 2-storey building sells everything like interesting food and goods. There was also a boutique hotel in there wtf. Truely insta-worthy, must go if you are a insta-whore like me !

Then to Maruekathaiyawan Palace

I did not take pictures in the palace cause I look like shit with my negligence of the outfit requirements and the weather got me a little cranky. We paid extra to tour the second level of the palace and of course no photography was allowed. But it was definitely an eye-opener about the living quarters of the royals.

Santorini Park

An entertainment park where it's theme is  inspired by the architect of Santorini, Greece. To my surprise there were a lot of chinese tourists there. Shopping there is quite disappointing but will be able to take great shots out from there!

Swiss Sheep Farm

swiss sheep farm hua hin

Made some sheep friends there, carried a lamb for the first time and had direct contact with alpaca ! How cool. Can't wait to share more of it in an separate post.

FN Factory outlet

The outlet store houses brands like Zara, Adidas, and many local brands but we didn't manage to get anything we like, I think we spent about 15 mins there only. 
You can skip this if you are a budget Barbie like myself. Hehe. 

Then to our awesome Yaiya Resort!

Here's the sea view that we have got! The little roof are like villas which was too much for two pax. Would like to stay there next time!

Huahin Night Market

We went out to the Huahin night market, with the help from our resort's reception. Booked a cab for THB300 for a single trip then picked us back to the resort for another THB 300.

We included breakfast at the resort and took a stroll at the beach because we didn't manage to do a late check-out + we already told our driver to pick us up at 2pm.
We shared the same beach as Sheraton ( just next door) so we went over for some drinks. Life, oh, life. Only good for two days wtf.

I had almost a two hour digital detox. I left my belongings with yaiya and went of to explore and ALL except my camera was what I brought out. It is really nice to just listen to the waves. No doubt it's my favourite thing to do in life. Wtf 

Life like this ends fast. 

Our driver is here.

Huahin Railway Station

We headed to Hua Hin Railway station before we headed back to Bangkok via taking the minivan. We spent about 15 mins there, just snapping pictures.

If I can turn time back, I would extend another night, visit the caves before going back to the city life. And also bring more clothes to change. My whole instagram feed looks like I had no clothes to wear. Fml. 

And if the next time I manage to psyco more friends to go back Hua Hin with me, I would bring them to the water theme parks. And hopefully I get my driving license the next visit so I can just rent a car and drive around myself!

Till next time Huahin, and I hope the guide is useful !


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