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Friday, July 10, 2015

CoolPlay soft serve Singapore

 "很熱hor , 很熱hor , 很熱hor ", was what we heard on the radio while on our way for some cool treats. The weather today was sooooo hot everyone deserve something icy. #excusescells #fat #icecreamisaneed

Anyway the BFFL and I tried out CoolPlay soft serve today! It was not really a planned meet up, cause normally we plan meet ups like wayyyyyyy before hand and the planned day out was on Wednesday. We went to the art science museum for the dreamworks exhibition and the deep exhibition. Both were so good! Learned so much and so awed by the universe. 
P/s : art science museum Y U NO has annual pass?! :( 

 I had to work in between but we met up for dinner + ice cream after that. It was only after dinner and the bffl brought up this new place. It was past their operating hours so we thought, we go nearby ice cream then soft serve the next day. 

Tada ! Here we are. 

It was kinda different from what I thought? I thought there were tables and you know, the typical cafe settings, but I was wrong. What was in the shop was just the counter top, a bench and a wooden top with some cool moustache photo taking tools. 

During our visit there, there were 3 flavours on sale ; heavy chocolate, strawberry and honey walnut. 

Since it was our first time there, we asked politely for recommendations and the shop keeper gave us some samples to try. Which was helpful because honey walnut sounds cool to me and but I ended up not liking it. And surprising found out that the heavy chocolate goes well with the strawberry.(we mix ourselves and try first la wtf) 

Spoke a little to the shopkeeper and she mention that the flavours change frequently and heavy chocolate is the only staple. We saw flavours like Sir Whisky, matcha etc on the net, and I believe they rotate the flavours around and adds in new flavours from time to time. 
Le bffl hooked to playing that pinball game. 

Both of us shared a mix swirl, SGD$5 which was a good decision. I mean both of us can eat alottttt of ice cream but this one got us feeling full even though we shared. P/s : single flavour is $4.50 

Ok okay verdict time !!!

Me says that it was average, heavy chocolate is really heavy. It taste like dark chocolate while strawberry tasted like it was made from real strawberry. I'm quite particular about strawberry flavoured food but I'm cool with this one. Wtf I'm punny. It's not the kind that you (me la) would crave for?

Le bffl felt that only the first few scoops is flavorful and it gets tasteless after awhile. 

Will I come back again? 
See my mood first and what's on the menu too. Q

Nonetheless, this cool kid on the block is located in one of the oldest neighbourhood, and ten minutes from the MRT station. 

Address : 85B Lorong 4 Toa Payoh. Singapore 312085
Nearest MRT station : Toa Payoh 
Opening hours : 11 am to 9pm from Tuesdays to Sunday. 


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