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Thursday, July 23, 2015

I waffle you

hiiii. I'm finally back, the past few months were hectic. There were so many changes in my life and I actually did screw up my academics a little. Changed jobs, and the transition was crazy but now it's all good. Hopefully I have more time penning down about my life and spending time with my loved ones. I'm currently just done with my second semester and thinking if I should extend my studies to one more sem. That being said, I had 2 day school week and had some free time before all the transitions and school work came in like tsunami. So I had pretty much time spent on eating waffles. Welcome home, cellulite. Sigh

Here's what my cellulite are made of, waffles from :

Pique Nique

My unimates are dying to appear on my blog. HI BEST UNIMATES.
It happened soooooo long ago I can’t remember what we met up for, but I remember we were at Pique Nique cause we wanted a place to sit down and talk in town, that was kinda the best place we could find. Highly raved waffles from my idol, Andy, but it turns out to be just average for us. Nope, not going back for their waffles + ice cream.

p/s : Shout out for the most awesome unimates ever, 


Nearest MRT : Orchard 

Address: 391 Orchard Road #08-05 Ngee Ann City Tower A, Ngee Ann City, 238873

Department of Caffeine

It happened one fine day after school. Shermane, Adeline and I decided that we shall go to one of the cafes at Duxton hill after prayers and we ended up in Department of Caffeine for brunch. 

Yup we are religious like that. Savoury waffles for me as mains while they had other food.

I thought the waffles were not too bad, they had dried tomatoes and something else in it but the price was a little more in my opinion. But nonetheless, good meal with a nice atmosphere!

Nearest MRT Station : Tanjong Pagar / Chinatown
Address : 15 Duxton Road 


I remember it was the first 3 weeks of sem 2 cause of Saturday class and whatever la. Met Andy and Fenny for brunch at Sin Lee foods since we were wow-Ed by the waffle x chicken patty combi. I saw it many times on TV and it seems relatively popular in the states and of course it looks like it's freaking yummy. So I think my expectations were higher than what I received.

Fenny used a super chim phrase to discuss the food that day, avande grade. Yea it was.


Nearest MRT : Tiong Bahru 
Address: 4 Jln Bukit Ho Swee, Singapore 162004

Creamier Ice Cream

Owner to also, Sunday Folks, we accidentally had waffles there that day, I mean since we manage to get seats, why not right. Speaking of Sunday Folks, I’m still not fated to try their waffles but I guess they would taste the same? One interesting thing about them is that they take a lot of pride in their waffle, and only served when it looked perfect. Paired with their flavourful ice cream, just take my money.

Nearest MRT: Braddell
Address: 128 Lor 1 Toa Payoh, 310128


One fine day, Adeline dropped me at the cafe to grab ice cream before sending me home after idk what la. I had earl grey lavender and she had rocky road, and I was quite pleased with quality. And since it's so near my house, I brought my supper kakis, Conan and Yingzi to the place one moody day wtf. And it gradually became the my next favourite place for ice cream. ( I got a bit bored of Udders to be honest.)

Erm, the waffles were not my thing but I have to admit that I love their affordable pints of ice cream. A pint would only cost $10 and it makes me happy and occupied in my self proclaim room studio. 

My favourite flavors are earl grey lavender and spooky dark chocolate. That's a shot of indulging a pint of earl grey lavender while watching beauty and the beast.  Down side about that cafĂ© would be smelling like a waffle after being there for too long. 

Nearest MRT: Serangoon /Lor Chuan

Address: 10 Maju Avenue 


I have 3 hour breaks in between classes on Wednesdays so Adeline brought me outta school to have lunch at ...

Carpenter and cook

Carpenter and cook has awesome decor and they actually sell them! It's a favourite and usual place for the bffl but it was my first time there. Amazing decor, loving it too. 

Then desserts at Revelry a few shops down.
Actually we saw it cause Adel's car was parked directly outside the shop. And I was like " omg is this the cloud nine waffle place?" And she's like "what?!" Totally didn't get me. 

It was around CNY period, which explains this.

Normal tasting waffles , super cool blue cotton candy. Too sweet for me. cannot finish

Nearest MRT
: Clementi , or upcoming Beauty World station

Address :  
21 Lor Kilat, 598123


Another random date with the one who refused to create instagram, we just had the feel to and then Adeline came to pick me up for ice cream. #bfffl.

Stateland cafe has a story of low setup and what not, a two storey tall cafe, we had yeast-infected waffles. It was too unique for our liking.

Nearest MRT : Bugis 

Address 32 Bali Lane, Singapore 189866


One fine weekday, the very free Andy and Angie decided to visit the Fat Cat cafe after that rave of charcoal waffles and salted egg sauce. I remember the whole Singapore was really serious about the salted egg trend and this was just one of it. Simisai also salted egg, these people really ah.

Earlier that week, my Unimates brought me to eat salted egg sotong. And the week before that, they went without me. Back to the waffles, it was overpowering for me. We shared and I still couldn't finish MY portion wtf. 

Yummy Waffles + Sauce nonetheless! 

The mojito sphere, looking like a super pale egg yolk also added up to my unique experience. It's like a burst in your mouth, like magic wtf. 

Pardon my bare face though.

Nearest MRT : Bedok

Address:  Blk 416 Bedok North Avenue 2 #01-25 Singapore 460416

Rabbit owl depot.

I believe that day was a last minute surprise meet up for Shermane's birthday. We had like what? An emergency kakao Chat group set up and Reg's successfully tricked Sher to Bugis library where the As ( Adeline,Audrey and I , hehe) appeared with a mini cake. #surprisesuccess. 

We then head to the cafe opposite the National Library and shared waffles and ice cream. Yum!

We later then dropped by Shop Wonderland ( another favourite place of the bfffl) 
Forever minus one wtf.

Nearest MRT : Bugis
Address :  420 North Bridge Road, #01-06, Singapore 188727

The Daily Scoop

That's Leon's hand by the way, accompanied by Andystorm's accessories all over the table. Yet another itchy mouth ice cream waffle time after a NAFA Concert (free things to do in Singapore). 

We were at the SOTA branch and it wasn't my first time having their ice cream. They serve both (what I called) default flavours and gourmet flavours. The gian png me always try out their flavours but always go back to their default flavours like chocolate. Eh very nice eh! So yup, here's my very normal chocolate ice cream with waflles. Simple and nice.

Nearest MRT : Dhoby Ghuat     

Address : 1 Zubir Said Drive, SOTA #01-03, Singapore 227968
Opening Hours : 11am-10pm (Mon-Thurs), 11am -10.30pm (Fri-Sat), 2pm- 10pm (Sun)

Hatter Street

Hatter Street tops the list for the best waffles in my heart. Just one day, I decided to crash my friend's neighbourhood for some ice cream and waffles after work. I had waffles with pandan flavoured ice cream. It was good. Period.

Nearest MRT : Kovan
Address212 Hougang Street 21, 530212

The above cafes featured are not in sequence of my visit cause they happened sometime back and the dates were not really worth my brain cells...

Thanks for reading !


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