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Monday, July 27, 2015


Sigh, it's Day 5.

But it's gonna be a happy day cause we had Austrian Dairy Company for BREAKFAST!!!!
Got up earlier, walked there a little faster and got ourselves seats!

OMG I WANT IT NOW. #craving

The breakfast set  needs no explanation, my choice is always scrambled eggs and I swear they have the best scrambled eggs in the world. So yummy, I kenot. 

After breakfast was just roaming for us, so we took our time, and shopped around our neighbourhood.
Oh, speaking of it, I wish my neighbourhood in Singapore is as good as the one we were in Hong Kong. Everything is so accessible. 5 min walk to cinema, another 3 mins to chill-out area. 10 mins walk to the photo developing shop that we frequent and another 10 to the other direction for karaoke session.

Then, queue for Jenny's cookie.

Back to our room with 15 tins of cookies (5 each max) and just nua. We gotta to catch some rest cause....

We had gambling plans that day. HUATZ AH


Horse racing is a popular sport among the locals, so much that they have a delicate timed routes for the Race course. Since we stayed at Tsim Sha Tsui, we took the East Rail Line to Lo Wu/ Lok Ma Chau to the Race Course Station.

Since we came all the way there to experience this, we learnt how to place bets. I was quite suprised to learn that there were so many ways to bet for the horses and honestly, how do the people remember them!?

We went to a booth where the friendly auntie asked us how we wanted to play the game. She was nice enough to explain to us the different methods and taught us how to fill up the betting slips.

After filling up you need to place the bets at another counter.

Then head over to the race course, choose a nice seat and watch the race.

I swear I was super excited! It was my first time watching a horse race + first time in the race course + first time placing a bet. It's really a day to remember. I would also strongly recommend to experience this when you are in the lovely city!


We didn't stay throughout but was happy cause I won a match!

A happy Angie queuing up to get my prize. hehehe

Cannot stop smiling wtf.

On our way back, Junz and I went a little cray cray on cakes.


And I bought from 2 shops, Junz too.

Yummy snacks from below our Hong Kong home!

Da-bao all the snacks, cakes and McDees back home and chilled at our rooftop balcony. Such a lovely place that I missed.

Suppers should always be like this, good friends, rubbish food in a nice setting.

Good night Folks.


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