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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


We are starting to fit in so much, we started grocery shopping. 

Hello, day 6 in Hong Kong.

Make of the day.

Grocery shopping before breakfast because we wanted to have Chessy Chicken Noodles that would only be open at a later time. Little did we know, they changed their operating hours, and we had to settle breakfast at the cafe next door, which served decent breakfast too.

We quickly had a brief breakfast and left for a  11 AM movie.
Fenny and I still want to try the highly raved noodles so we kept a space for it.

Since we had breakfast before the movie, we decided to share the cheesy noodles at Sun Kee, it was a good decision to try it out.

Cheesy chicken noodles.

It was good, really yummy but too much for us although we shared. Only in Hong Kong can they make instant noodles with so much variety. Simple yet nice. Paired with all time favourite ice lemon tea of course.

Later in the evening, we went to Central, to walk around and chillax.

And Fen spotted Wing Lok Yuen Restaurant which serves the best hot dog bun that we tasted. 

To chill, I mean to go back to my favourite Starbucks outlet and do some people watching. 
As you can tell, the semi locals us are starting to do similar things...

The night's getting dark. That's all for now!



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