Monday, August 24, 2015

24 hours in Genting Highland, Malaysia.

Technically I spent a little more than just 24 hours if I include the travel time though. 
#scam #bloggerscam. 

The kind people at the Resort World Genting has invited me over to the highlands during the Jubilee Weekend to enjoy the good mountain good water wtf. I've been to Genting many many times and I brought Jocelyn with me this time round!

Fun fact : Do you know that the Genting Highlands were also celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2015 too ?

I bet you don't, but what we all know it that they are having a facelift and will be introducing many world class facilities. While construction is going on everywhere ( & we can't wait to see the real deal), here's how I spent a full Saturday in Genting Highland. 

Together with the bloggers, we arrived at 5am in the morning and was put to sleep checked in to our rooms

First World Hotel , "XYZ Deluxe Room"

The toilet now is separated into 3 section, the wash up area, the shower area, and the toilet business area (if you get what I mean)

The both of us took a short nap & the hyperactive us couldn't stay still so we went for Dim Sum breakfast at 好友记. My initial breakfast place was Genting Palace where I tasted the BEST custard bun yet, but it was closeeeeed. Later I found out that they no longer serve breakfast. WHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

The bill came up to be RM63, and because the food took sooooo long to come, we decided to scrap the idea of going to the strawberry park and just take the Genting Skyway to and fro before meeting the rest for our lunch, their brunch. We managed to score some cool shots for our instagram hehehehehe.
An one way ride on the skyway cost RM6.40 and RM12.80 nett for a return trip.

It was my first time on the Genting Skyway, and it was super terrifying for me. And I'm not even afraid of heights! I was quite scared because we were heading downwards and also we can't see anything. When the gondola suddenly slowed down I thought we were stuck and going to die. #paniccells.

We walked around, take some super poser pictures and head back!
But if you wake up earlier, you can pop by the strawberry farm, there's so much more things to do there.

Heading back to meet the rest for another meal at the Coffee Terrace. The Coffee Terrace is one of the better place for buffet and I blogged about it but I can't find the link, will update soon! 

On our table is Jocelyn, SuAnn, SuAnn's boyfriend and Trista, missing Gerald.

Bloggers mean photo taking everywhere when there's time!

We all then gathered for the first program that was lined up for us,

the Behind-The-Scenes Tour. 

We covered four stations in the tour where we were briefed by the crew on how the operations works!
  @ Genting International Showroom, we were exposed to the technical terms of the sound and light systems and various stage effects as well as a little history on the place.

Then to Snow World, where I was convinced that they really used REAL SNOW. 
Play with some real food at the See Do Eat Workshop!

  Find out more about the past, present and future of Resort World Genting at Horizon 50.


Each of us were presented a Certificate of Achievement at the end of the tour, I wasn't expecting that so I went a little child-like. 

Together with the bloggers we also went to the Genting Visitors' Galleria where we were briefed on what are the new installations that are put in place. Eg, the new skyway and new extension building of First World Hotel.

Dinner at the new Resort Seafood!

I remember that area used to be another buffet area... but now it is the new Resort Seafood where we can get our steamboat cravings satisfied ! Super shiok! 
The cooling weather with the heavenly soup bases, what's the best word to describe it ? #shiokcells.

Excuse me, it is only 8.30pm. The night certainly did not just end here. Off we go for, 

Superstars of Magic 4 !

An East meets West magic variety show, putting seven world-class illusionist together on  one stage. 

I was NEVER a fan of magic shows but this was good! Thank you RWG for putting us at the VIP seats, we had a superb view of what was going on stage and I especially liked Joseph Gabriel's performance while the cutest illusionist has to be One Gun from Korea. 

I even scored a selfie with him. woohoo 
Simply just wow-ed me when he brought out a freaking goose from his SOFT fabric. 

Too mind blown, and too tired. 
Jocelyn and I went back to rest before heading down to meet YingZi and Conan, and their KL friends! Since we was finally 21,we took a tour to the casino after that and slept like a pig. 
THIS,  was how I spend a splendid 24 hours up in the highlands. 


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