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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Behind-the-Scenes Tour @ Resorts World Genting!

Like its name, the tour shows us how the operation runs behind the scenes. 
I would super recommend to everyone! Not just suitable for teenagers and demandful customers should go on the tour so they know how things are runned and stop being so annoying. #PEACE/

First stop : Genting International Showroom

The newly furnished Genting International showroom can cater up to 1000 people, equipped with latest sound and lighting system  as well as theatrical stage equipments.

We had a chance to stand on stage to get a feel of how well the performers could see the audience and that feeling was great. I miss performing , and here's the poser me.

We then move on to the second level where the sound and light system and crew were.

The manager explained with much detailed about the crazy amount of buttons, its purposes and many technical terms that the sound and light engineers use. We were also given a mini pop quiz so we really paid attention!

Not just the theory, they were brave enought to risk their equipment and let us control it !!!!
It was so fun seeing different effects showing on the stage!

Second stop : Snow World 

It's my third visit to the Snow World and it was an eye opener this time round. 
I don't just get to have my Princess Elsa moment, but through the Behind-The-Scenes Tour, I had a feel of how it is like to run Snow World's operation. 

Most importantly, they gave the answer to everyone's doubt to : 


Yes wor, the snow they make themselves one wor.

We were first brought into this room where the snow making machines were at, and followed by a simple guide on how snow is formed and how it is produced in the attraction!

The gang then put on our Barney colored themed coats and gloves, & off we go into the magical snow world!

Can you see the square boxes ? This is where all the snow is made when we are asleep !

We were then brought into the Lovers' Cave, not to do anything lovey dovey but to make our own snow using water and some powder. Super cool and memorable souvenir for us to bring home.


 Jocelyn decided that she also want her Let-It-Go moment.

Third Stop : See Do Eat Workshop 

"Food!", exclaimed me. At this workshop, we had two chefs from their respective department coming over to guide us on how to make a appetizing sinful donut and super kawaii bento. 

Since we had such a big group, we were split into two group, while I did the donut first. 

Chef hard at work 
 & Chef's creation

"Angie, go make me a donut!"
" Huh, you trust me ah wtf"
" okay I make you aixin donut"

Oops, looks abit like da bian, I hope it didn't change your love for donuts or make you feel like shitting now. My sincere apologies.  Le wifey's one was much nicer, I think it's because she just return from Vegas and you know..

Then to making a bento!

Bunny rice for you ? 

 This activity reminds me so much of my meido days! 
Jocelyn and I took turns so that's her attempting to put the seaweed cutouts on her bear bear rice.

yum !

Horizon 50 

I thought by letting us enjoy the food was the last stop, but it wasn't ! We were brought over to the latest edition in Resort World Genting, the Horizon 50. Just like Singapore, RWG is also celebrating their 50th anniversary since it was founded. Certainly, we need to know a little of the past, present, and future of this wonderful highlands. The Horizon 50 showcases its history, amazing scales of current operations and achievements and a slight preview of what we can expect after its facelift. 


As you may tell from my face, I was already super wore off by the time I was presented the certificate. Who says Genting has nothing to do now?

Behind-the-Scenes Tour are subjected to availability, priced at RM28 per pax, RM 25 for Genting Rewards Member and tour dates/timing are available at www.rwgenting.com 

That's all folks.


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