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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Daryl's 23th!

It was Daryl's 23th and we had a staycation over at Festive Hotel (again).
It was a whole two days filled with drinks, food, nua and more nua.

Loving Festive hotel this time round cause it was really suitable for groups like us. We made full used of the room and we call could sleep so comfortably! Gosh, we really needa outta of Singapore real soon.

Chats with drinks and food before we head out for ahem some nightlife.

Crashed and so reluncatant to check out. Johnson drove so... we went The Coastal Settlement for brunch. Where's Tingzhi! Heng we all so small size can fit at the back.

Super shag omg I need to sleep now. Bye!


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