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Thursday, September 24, 2015

16 things that I've realised by 22

So it has been a couple of weeks since I legally turned 22. ( I told people I was 22 so much that I thought I was turning 23 on Sept 15 FML) Anyway I wanted to just pen down some things that I've learnt for the past ten years cause it has been revolutionary. K Kidding, not so serious. But many things did change/happen drastically for the past ten years and I thought it would be nice that I note it down for memories sake. Maybe ten years later I could write about it too, and maybe another ten year series. This post is gonna be so real and personal and wordy, just FYI.

Look, ten years ago, I was 12, over independent little bitch taking PSLE (around the time la). Reflecting through the teenagers years and now, I realised many things...

#1 : I have been blogging for almost ten years. 

HAHAHAH I started in Secondary one, for some school project and kept a personal blog that ii typee lyke tis, Aboutt maiix daily life 4 quite some tiime. wtf. I started a new blog (THIS) two years ago, to start a new journey because of manyyyyyy things. Blogging is one of the things that I'm glad I did, and continue doing. I made so many friends through the cyber space and had so much of my memories that I could kept going back to. <3 Like many others, I also did level up my blogging fun, eg making use of the hype and getting perks. It was all good, and views were a big deal to me. Not anymore now, which brings me to the next point.

#2 : Attention is not LOVE.

I admit I WAS an attention whore. I enjoyed/liked/yearned to be the limelight and get all the attention, cause that's the way I thought I was loved. It took me a couple of years to realise that I traded off many things for that short attention I gotten. In return, I lost people's respect, my love and cheapen myself. I'm not sure to say if I regretted it, but if I could turn back time, I probably would do things differently. I would have stopped the public attention to be someone else's everything. 

#3 : Letting things go. 

"Forget the past, and move forward", it's something that I always have in mind and I know it was right for me to do. Letting things go takes time, and it is easier said that done. After leaving secondary school and moving on to the next phrase was to me the toughest to me. There were so many things that happened in the first six month of my poly life, I found myself trapped in a hell hole and my whole world collapsed. I was not able to make the right decisions for myself and I was helpless. It is painful and really not easy to let go. I would NEVER want to go through that painful three years again. Nonetheless, it was when I met my BFF,Adeline, so I guessed she made things up la. Support from my secondary school friends like Jocelyn (&classmates), and ST made me felt a lot better but occasionally I still live in my past. But I'm still trying, to let go of all those things. 

#4 : Livin' in the past.

I would like to think that it was because I didn't had a closure for many things that happened in that horrible three years in NYP. I was so unhappy I had so many "if only,". Only to recently, I felt that like I really need to stop living in the past and be so unhappy about it. At 22, I want to wake up from that bubble.

#5 : It doesn't matter. 

Growing up taught me to understand that there are many things that just doesn't matter anymore. Don't have to be so fussy about things and make people's life easier. Can't believe I used to be that spoilt brat. 

#6 : Quality not quantity.

Here I'm talking about friends. One can has a million friends and none is good. I'm glad I had a couple quality friends that shows support, love, and different ways of care and concern. And that is enough.Thank you all for being there for me, I can't be any grateful. You know who you are! 

#7 : Friendship is not measured by time. 

It doesn't matter how long you know that person, or how much time that person spends with you. It's about how supportive one can be, at least to me. The people that matters most to be comes in at different phrases of my life, 

#8 : Talk topics are more real now. 

From conversations like how that girl next door is such a bitch to useless comments on BGR and my blabbering, I've mastered the skill of  having a conversation with anyone about anything under the sun. Talk to me, about anything. *flickhair*

#9 : Ageing is real. 


#10 : Being a girl is tough. 

Real tough. I hate to accept the fact that I had to deal with the menstrual cycle and having it ruin my life. 

#11 : Making your time work for you 

At 20, I finished my diploma and joined a MNC as a non-executive staff. I left a year later to pursue my bachelor which I've yet to complete at this point of time. Through the transition period, I had learnt to make my time work for me by maximising my earnings. I realised that I was no longer working at sorta like an fixed hour based pay but stretching my payout to be so much more worth it with lesser working hours.I wished I knew how to it earlier. And no, it is not MLM :) 

#12 : Just step out of your comfort zone

Take baby steps, but be uncomfortable. That's how you learn the most.
No one likes to be uncomfortable you just have to get used to it.
#13 : Travel

Travelling has a different meaning to me now. Ten years ago, I just want to get out of the country to enjoy myself , to explore. Now, each trip is a learning journey. Each trip has its own lessons and values that I can look back. 

#14 : Stretch that dollar 

Make your dollar work harder for you, purchase more with that same dollar, make the most out of that dollar.

#15 : Silence is golden 

#16 : Think further. 

Some of my friends would disagree on this point , cause all they want me to do is to stop thinking of things. Think forward, think of what leads to the future. Shape it.

Everything happens for a reason, and probably these are the things I would look back and tell the 16 year old me; the one that's just fresh off from secondary school; doing her first job, getting her first pay. Life's a journey, isn't it ?


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