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Thursday, April 28, 2016

FOODIES @ Resorts World Genting

#bloghacked againnnnn~ 

How can I miss food?
“Food is an essential and it is the most important factor when you are planning a trip!”

So the question is what’s nice in Genting Highland?


Yes, I will definitely recommend Bubbles & Bites! It is located at Maxims, Level 2. This is one of the best restaurant in Genting Highland that serves affordable and delicious western food. But why the name “Bubbles & Bites”? It is because it serves simple western food with an exquisite array of drinks that they call it “Bubbles”. They are sparkling wines that were imported from different wine countries like Italy, Spain, France and many more. These “bubbles” will definitely complement with all the dishes that they have in the menu, no matter how light or heavy it would be. They have cute miniature bottles of sparkling wines, alcoholic sodas, juices, soft drinks, beers and wines from all over the world.

bubbles &bites, resort world genting

bubbles &bites, resort world genting

bubbles &bites, resort world genting

I enjoyed the setting as it gives a very relaxing and rustic ambience, which you can totally enjoy your dinner in. Their menu is rather extensive, which is a good problem, as we have so much options and we do not know which to choose. The extensive range includes, sumptuous starters, soups and salads, homemade pastas, burgers & Sandwiches, pizzas, stews, sausages, pies and many more (too much to mention all).

So blessed to be able to try many dishes from the menu. Here are the photos of some of the mouth-watering and enticing food~

bubbles &bites, resort world genting

Spaghetti Aglio-Olio

bubbles &bites, resort world genting
Peri-Peri Chicken Wings

bubbles &bites, resort world genting
Slow Braised Lamb Shank

bubbles &bites, resort world genting
Chicken Schnitzel

bubbles &bites, resort world genting
Lam Lee Burger

bubbles &bites, resort world genting
Napoli Pizza

bubbles &bites, resort world genting
Parmigiano Burger

bubbles &bites, resort world genting
Oblong Margherita

bubbles &bites, resort world genting
Ginormous 4 Months Old Angus Beef T-Bone Steak

bubbles &bites, resort world genting
Kampung Chicken

Don’t they all look so appealing to you? Are you hungry now?

My top 3 favourites will be …

bubbles &bites, resort world genting

NUMBER 1: Grill Salmon Tagliatelle & Cremosa Pesto
The salmon is so fresh and grilled to perfection, together with the homemade cremosa pesto sauce and the spaghetti cooked to the right softness. Missing this so much! I can't find any like this in Singapore :( 

bubbles &bites, resort world genting

NUMBER 2: Ethiopian Chicken
; slow braised chicken with bread & sour cream. 
The chicken is so tender, eat it along with the soft bread, the brown sauce and sour cream. It's like the prefect match. YUMS~ 

bubbles &bites, resort world genting

NUMBER 3: Fresh Green Salads
A sumptuous meal with the meat, bread and noodles, it think it's good to have some fresh and healthy salad to balance out the diet. The amount of dressing is light and it is mixed nicely with all the veggies. One big mouth of salad with a slice of egg and crunchy croutons, such a great appetizer.  

Here are the signature dishes of the restaurant …
·       Fresh Green Salads
·       Pici Bolognaise Pasta
·       Gnocchi Pesto
·       Black Angus T-Bone Steak
·       Slow Braised Lamb Shank
·       Ethiopian Chicken
·       Chicken Schnitzel
·       Lam Lee Burger
·       Grilled Salmon Tagliatelle Cremosa Pesto
·       Bud Spencer Breakfast
·       Healthy Burger with Avocado fries

Looking at these photos makes me hungry again… Missing it!
Yummmmm yummmm~

What’s next after a good and sumptuous dinner?


“An in-house ice cream brand of Resorts World Genting, bringing you a wide array of favours that will definitely entice your taste buds.”

High quality and delicious ice cream that comes in forms of Gelato and Popsicle. It is conveniently located at First World Hotel next to the Lobby CafĂ©. It is definitely worth every bit of fats…, no I meant happiness that comes with it.

  Ice Cream for you?


Who wouldn't be smiling if they are treating to an ice cream feast? hehehes~ 

Thanks RWG! (: 

What’s next after a good night rest?
Before the long bus journey back to Singapore, IT’S TIME FOR BREAKFAST ^^


It is a brand new dining concept that is located at the 3rd floor of First World Plaza. With the size of 23,568 sq ft, the restaurant is able to accommodate up to 1,300 diners at the same time. Serving different cuisines ranging from West Asian, to East Asian and Western breakfast choices, from 6am to 11am daily. Breakfast is served in buffet style with freshly made food that kicks start your day.

But why is it called ‘The Food Factory’?
; Factory, when you think of a factory, what comes in mind? Machine? Consistent product? Minimum manpower? Fast & efficient production?

All the chef have to do is to add the ingredients manually in the machine and the machine will start stirring and cooking the food. 

Look at those machines and the wide range of food served in the buffet line.

Pizza Maker Machine! 

This carrot cake is so good!

Such a feast early in the morning! #soblessed

^Selfie Photo Cr.: Gerald Png

YES, that’s right! Most of the dishes in the restaurants are cooked/produced by machines. These machines are able to produce all the food with the same consistency, regardless of the quantity. Pancakes in the same sizes, Pizza baked to perfection, large portion of noodles well-cooked with consistency.

Nice and hearty breakfast to start the day.
Don’t miss it, it is located at the 3rd level of First World Plaza at an affordable price.
RM 29.00 nett for Adult
RM 14.50 nett for Child

Find out more here.
They do have special promotions from time to time too.

Back to reality! This also sums up my Genting Escapade Adventure with Lenice.
Thanks to RWG for the invite, Eric and Jiayi for hosting us and Genting Highland for the wonderful memories! 

Thank you all for reading my posts!




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