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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

J & L’s Great Escapade to Genting Highland Malaysia.

This is not Angie, but who is this?


Hello, Genting! It’s great to see you again. Feels so good to escape, from the haze and hot weather in Singapore, to a mountain way up high.

Thankful for the awesome PR team of Resorts World Genting for having us to Genting Highland for the weekend, with my partner in crime, L.

Met up with the bloggers at Golden Mile Complex on a Friday night and started our 6 hours ride before we reached our destination at 5.15am. Our host, Eric and Jia Yi, are already waiting for us with our key cards for us to check-in to our rooms.
#sgblogger #nopenotme

First World Hotel, Tower 3 “XYZ Deluxe Room” w/ single beds
Do you know that there is a Tower 3 in Resorts World Genting?
Because… I didn’t know. Tower 3 is slightly different from Tower 1 & 2. The rooms are newly renovated and they have their own check-in counters and self-check-in kiosks for a faster and efficient service. The lobby is artistically designed with modern art pieces hanging around, every wall is insta-worthy and a great background for #ootd shots.

See this is what I meant.

There is also a café available just at the lobby for a quick bite.

Our ‘home’ for the night.

The toilet that is separated into 3 sections, the toilet, the basin w/ mirror and the shower area. Multi-tasking at its best. ^^

You will be able to book your room over here at affordable prices, with the greatest comfort.
p.s L and I fell asleep immediately on Saturday night.

After unpacking and washing up, we decided to join the guys to explore the place, do some photo-taking and breakfast. “What is sleep?”, I quote Png (2016). As early as 6.45am, we went out to catch the ‘sunrise’.

Behind-the-scene of the all glamorous of G and W. 

Angie always tell me that bloggers can take photos anywhere and everywhere, now that I have seen it with my own eyes HAHAHAS. The bloggers make everywhere look like their makeshift studio and forever having a mini photoshoot. 

Afterwhich, we finally had our Dim Sum breakfast at 好友记.

ARCADE /a: ‘keid/
A place where we relive our childhood memories and of course, spending money on.
60RM for a cat plushie and popcorn, but now we know who is the luckiest of us all.

Lunch @ Coffee Terrace
Met up with the rest of the bloggers for our lunch at the Coffee Terrace. With just RM42, you can enjoy a wide selection of food from Western to Chinese to Favours of Malaysia, Salad to Desserts to Fruits, for lunch at the Coffee Terrace.

From left to right >>> Eric, Conan, Ying Zi, Ying Zi’s friend, Lenice, Leong, William, Jocelyn and Gerald

Next up … Snow World Spring Eggstavanganzaaaaa
After a heavy lunch, next stop will be the Snow World Spring Eggstavanganza. Snow World decorated to the theme of Easter. We had fun playing with the snow, so much fun and laughter. Christmas came early, or is it still Christmas now? HEHES. Feels so festive, with all the colorful lights, pretty Easter eggs and cute penguins around.

Welcome to Snow World!

-5 degrees. Really no jokeeeee *shivering*

Aaron Crow Fearless Magic Show @ Genting International Showroom
It’s time to cool down for the real deal here. Resorts World Genting's New Resident Show, Aaron Crow the Fearless along with his crew, bringing you great stunts right in front of your eyes.

We were so fascinated by all his tricks that all of us were discussing how he did it. Leaving us in wonder as we head for our dinner.

Dinner @ Bubbles & Bites
Probably used up too much brain juice trying to figure out the magic tricks, we were all starving already. Bubbles & Bites serves great western food in a relaxing and rustic ambience. We got our own private space at the upper deck of the restaurant.

I call this a balance diet! hehehes... 

My favourite dish: Grilled Salmon Tagliatelle & Cremosa Pesto (Y)
This is definitely one of my favourite because the salmon is so fresh and grilled to perfection, together with the cremosa pesto sauce and the spaghetti cooked to the right softness. 

Yum Yum~ Sedap Dinner! Feeling so satisfied. Is it the end of the program for the day?
NOOOOOOOOO! You are wrong HAHA. Off we go for dessert.

An in-house brand of RWG, serving homemade gelatos and ice cream in sticks. Ice cream anytime anywhere. I don’t like ice cream, says no one ever.

Smiley and I.

It’s free and easy time with the guys and L. We went to explore a few different places and finally decided to go for K instead, at Studios K at First World Plaza. There goes our night in Genting. A well spent 18 hours straight of fun, joy and laughter.

Breakfast @ The Food Factory – First World Hotel
After a good night of sleep, or I would say I went into coma, like literally. It’s Breakfast time!
The Food Factory is a brand new concept restaurant of the First World Hotel. Why is it called the food factory? Because … The food literally is made by machine. I’m not kidding. It’s real.

Delicious pancakes made by machine. IKR!!!!!

Food has pride too. They deserves a foodto-shoot as well. :P

Technology is going to take over the world, take over you and I. Who can live without technology nowadays? Okayyyyyy, I think I can WAHAHAHAHAS~
“You know I’m just kidding right?"

Thankful for everyone who made this trip possible. Grateful for the new friendship forge during this short 2d2n trip at Resorts World Genting. Thank you RWG for the invite and for hosting us these 2 days, Eric and Jia Yi are awesome. If only Wei En can come with us too … But nonetheless, I conclude, fantastic trip and fulfilling weekend well spent. (Y)

Thank you for reading this post. I am Jocelyn and I should not be a stranger if you have been reading Angie's blog for a long time. Writing on behalf of Angie for the first time, as Angie had work commitments so she wasn't able to make it for this trip. I still prefer to be a +1 though, HEHEHES :P And my partner in crime this time round is Lenice. Hope you enjoyed reading this post!

Goodbyeeeeeeeee ^^


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