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Monday, April 4, 2016

March Highlights | Madonna's Rebel Hearts Tour Singapore, Amazonia & netflix , JunCurryAhn's fanmeet Singapore

March's been great and starstruck!
Most of the events were media related, so I was indeed really happy! heehee

Rebel Hearts Tour

My aunt had tickets for Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour concert so I said yes and went along with her colleagues. Madonna's really a legend with her energy level at her age. The concert was definitely a blast, it was also my first time in the new Indoor stadium and awed by the new interior!

Regina's POP & Celebration

My girl Regina POP lo! Nothing much to share but just so happy for her!
We had a post celebration with the other girls that night and maxed out our clubbing quota.

March's also ma boy,Ayden's birthday, so he is in treat too.
Special thanks to Singtel for having us at Amazonia, one of the best indoor playground in Singapore, we had such great time together!

 I think it's a great place for Primary school kids and there's many activities to do there, we topped up for a game of Space Ball but both our favourite is still the glow in the night mini Golf ! 

I also tried to slide with Ayden but I think I was too fat (?), I got stuck on my way down. It was so embarrassing. Having said that, of course I could not fight with the little one in terms of energy level so I have to resort to other activities, such as Netflix and chill. *wink
 While the little bro is still out and playing, I joined the rest in the room and chill, have some food and learn more about that Netflix is here to offer!

As an educator, I think videos are really good source for teaching young children, but it is always difficult to control what children are watching. Adult supervision? Not all are free for that!

And I love how Netflix has a good list of entertaining and educational shows available for children and of course parental controls! (very important) 
After the event, I brought Ayden to the ION Sky to see what it is like to up at Level 56. 

The following week, I managed to get tickets for my youtube idol's fanmeet in Singapore, I was elated. Super fangirl. <33333

Last but not least, my girls and I got to dressed up and catch up at one of our classmates' wedding.
Aging is so real!!!!!!!

That's all for the month.
I'm so tired now bye


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