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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Snow World Eggstravaganza @ Resorts World Genting

#bloghacked againnnnn~ 

The main reason that makes you want to travel hours to somewhere 6,000 feets above sea level is
because… of the weather!

A weekend escapade, away from the hot and hazy Singapore, to somewhere cold…
Very cold~

I have been to Genting so many times but this is my first time playing in the Snow World. Visited Snow World last year for a blogger’s review as well but went for a snow workshop instead and didn’t have a chance to play in the park.

Feeling excited ^^
&&& I miscalculated againnnnnnnnnnnn..

Here's a photo of us before the coldness starts crawling in...

The last time I wore a shorts but it wasn’t as cold as we only stayed in the place for less than 5mins.  But guess what???

This time round, Lenice and I wore a dress. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAS~
It is freezing cold and for a moment, we thought our knees are giving way soon.
Luckily Snow World provides jacket and boots for their guests, to help keep our body and feet warm and comfortable.

We managed to get special permission to take some photos in the park. Didn’t dare to bring my camera in as I borrowed it from J. So instead, I brought my phone in. Took as much photos as I could and guess what? My iphone 6s died on me!!!! This explains how cold it is inside alreadyyyyy.

Had a fun 30secs coming down the slide, it was so fast and it kept spinning me round and round!

&&& I had my first snow fight at the Snow World.

A quote from [Our Time];

I cannot remember who the first person I threw at already. HAHAHAS~
Sorry oops :x

We had so much fun in the Snow World, all thanks to RWG PR for bringing us there. I would definitely recommend you to bring your family along to this park, as it caters to everyone of all ages. It's so colourful, so cooling, so fun and interesting. Your kids will definitely love this!

Come to think of it...
I should start planning for a trip soon, can’t wait to play with the real snow!
&& Hopefully with someone special! *i'm dreaming* HEHEHES (:

Need a getaway trip away from Singapore?
Need to get out of the hot and humid Singapore?
Want to play with snow but it’s not the season yet?
Get your ticket to Genting Highlands!
A short and affordable trip that is all worth it!

You can also get your Snow World Tickets online at a discounted price.
Click here to get your tickets.
Adult: 19.00RM, Original Price at 30.20RM
Child: 15.90RM, Original Price at 25.20RM

Remember to wear long pants to protect your knee alright HEHEHES :x

Thank you for reading!


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