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Thursday, June 30, 2016

May Highlights | Tanuri Raw & more Tanuri Raw gatherings, Alumni Gathering , Li Min's Birthday @ Freehouse , Sky High Trampoline Park

Drink up May.

This May, my breast friends and I checked out Freehouse for fellow breast friend's Limin birthday.
It was also a surprise for her cause it was one of the rare times we had full attendance. I skipped band for this girl okay! And also JJ travelled back to town for her. We shared some sides like the Cereal Frog Legs ($17) and Bacon Tempura ($9). Then we each had a bun (burger lah), with some craft beer along !

Cereal Frog Leg ($17)

Bacon Tempura ($9)

Address : 21A Boon Tat St, S(069620)

Tanuki Raw!

I visited that place like twice in a row, and I could only eat one freaking don. 
Then I took a week's break and went back for the third time, eating the same thing...
The first was for the BFF's birthday.

Second time with Amelia for lunch!

 Foodie Amelia and I wouldn't stop there, we then hop over to 313 Somerest to try out Huala The Waffle bar - you know the fancy hongkong egglet waffles with soft serve. I love Hong Kong Egglet waffles so I was a happy girl. #imisshk.

CBSS Alumni Gathering

It was very upsetting to know that my (and many others) secondary school are merging due to various reasons so the school organised an alumni gathering to you know, get together and be sad together and all. Thinking back, I think my secondary school is quite happening for a neighbourhood school to have frequent alumni events with the school, not to mention our concert band series, Metier, in July!

Took some time after work to visit the school and catch up with fellow seniors/juniors/teachers!

SkyHigh Trampoline Park 

Then then then the fat me discovered Skyhigh trampoline park! It was really near where I stay so Jocelyn and I decided to pop by and check it out! Of course the cheapskate me was really happy to find out that you know, WE GOT THE WHOLE PARK BY OURSELVES!!!!! 

Okay that's all for now. 



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