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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sponsored Review : What's there to do up in Genting Highlands?

Yayyyyy June Holidays to me it's also a break! If you haven't already know my current job requires me to work around young children and teenagers so June Holidays is like OMG MY BREAK TOO.
 Work is still good and busy and healthy just more flexible, which means... It is time for the mountains! Then people all around starts to surround me with the same questions. Here's the top 3

So the lovely me is here to answer them!
A1. ALOT OF THINGS PLEASE. Genting is not only able gambling and theme park only hao ma ?
There's alot of things happening at the same time and you would be so surprised!

A2 : Have you seen anyone posting about the new theme park? No right? THENNNNNN????
It's estimated to open in 2017 so for now, just wait patiently.

A3 : BUAY SIAN LEI. *roll my eyes* *flip my hair*

Honestly, there are really a lot of things to do! Of course we can't compare with the times we have the theme park and all but every now and then there are international superstars performing at the Arena of Stars, great shopping, and new hotel rooms, so just spend the weekend and relax la!

Talking about new rooms at Tower 3, check out our stay for the night!

We took a overnight coach ride and arrived 5.30 am in the morning. Last the previous time I was there, Jocelyn and I waste no time, quickly prepare and off we go for ahem, the morning photoshoot! Except that this time, we have more companion! *cue music for we are all in this together* 

We started off the day with the most importantly meal - supper breakfast at Restoran Good Friends which serves traditional dim sum for those who woke up with serious DS cravings.

And off we go to random places for pictures!

p/s : Thank you Gerald, William & Leong for the pretty pictures!

Jocelyn and I also took the opportunity to snap some BFF shots, inspired by pinterest!

eh woman stop staring at my boobs

isit #aiqing

By the way we have been friends for ten years so that's something for us to celebrate!

Keeping track of the time cause we are able to going to experience the ICE AGE : Collision Course !

Jocelyn and myself teamed up with Maybelline and James, making a team of four for the 10 minute challenge. Not gonna share what we were tasked to do, look at the pictures, make a guess and experience it yourself! It is near the entrance of the First World Hotel Casino / Marybrown, don't worry you will be able to spot it.

We were also asked to pose a yoga pose which I awkwardly attempted and accidentally scare the little boy. Oops.

Also, we had a photo opportunity with Crash & Eddie, looking forward to the movie up airing in the cinema! Do check out the meet and greet session at the counter, there are several timings that parents can take note of!

Since we have some time while waiting for the rest, we went off a little and walked around. Honestly I have NEVER spent any time at the shopping walkways before and WOW , quite happening also ah!

Lunch at the Food Factory, Level 4 First World Plaza .

It's a relatively new makan place there and I was like WHUTTTTT when Jocelyn told me that the concept of the place was that everything is made using machines! Which they should (!!!!) because they serve... SOOOOO MANY PEOPLE AT A TIME!

It is a brand new dining concept that is located at the 3rd floor of First World Plaza. With the size of 23,568 sq ft, the restaurant is able to accommodate up to 1,300 diners at the same time. We went for the Brunch session with different cuisines serving at the same time!

The Food Factory is definitely the place to go if you are watching out for your wallet and still want to feast on.

Power Ranger Live in Genting !

 Tryna beat the food coma by a live show of the Power Rangers!
Go Go Power Rangers!

What a power-packed show! The rangers were so close to us, some of the audience even had some interactions with them! The show has ended by the time the post is up, but do keep an eye on their upcoming live shows on their website! I remember the previous trip, we caught a breathtaking Magic- Illusion show. Not to mention about the early bird discounts and Genting Reward member rates.

Also, the photo opportunity we had with the rangers!
Photo Credits: Geraldpng.com
Time flies when you are having fun, it's Dinner time already!

Instead of staying up in the clouds, we travelled down a little to the Beautiful Awana Genting Hotel. Upon reaching the location, we were welcomed by the lush green golf course that Jocelyn and I wanted to have a game or two! The Golf Course is no stranger to any golf lovers, but not the Rajawali Coffee House in the 5 star luxury hotel.

Jocelyn LOVED this Chicken Shawarma, while I am not a fan, but I do agree that it is tasty!

How could one resist the spread ?????
And there's still more that I did not capture.
Previously we were always at Coffee Terrance, International Buffet Restaurant at Maxims Hotel, and Rajawali was really a good change! Furthermore, we still have the cool weather, scenic rainforest view (before dawn). It was such an enjoyable dinner. 

And for some reason, this is the BOMB. It is just.. cabbage fish ball soup, that all of us agreed that it is too good to miss. Ridiculous, my mother will say I waste money if she finds out that I go buffet place drink cabbage soup. Just-go-and-waste-that-moneh-bruh.Anyway not very expensive la hehe.

It is a Halal Certified restaurant and Vegetarian food options are available, don't worry about travelling there and don't be silly to book a teksi and all. There are shuttle bus services available, you are welcome. Just check with the conceige and pick up point upon your check-in.

The dinner buffet we enjoyed is priced at RM68 for each adult and RM32.50 for each child or senior citizen. Lunch is available at RM 48 and RM24 respectively, and breakfast RM32 and RM 16.

We went back and went shopping! Maybelline shared her little shopping hacks with us we've gotten some great deals! Jocelyn and I both got some dresses, I myself got a pair of Nike Kicks from the Nike outlet store too. Surely there are prices that we are not so interested in but there are great deals, you just have to look out for it.

No photo evidence that we went drinking at The Patio so it means that we were absolute good kids who went to bed early...
Cause good kids gets good smelling and tasty breakfast !

Breakfast at Hou Mei (Level 1, Resort Hotel)

We were a little heavyhearted, cause we checked out and are leaving to go back home. :( 
Also because luggage was heavy. Jocelyn and I met the other bloggers at Hou Mei to have our last meal there together before we head home.

It is a noodle house that's more of a Hong Kong-Chinese style (?)
We had dishes like wanton mee, Chicken Shredded Noodles and Congee!
Kar See Mee, RM 21

Wanton Soup, RM 18

Chicken Porridge with Century Egg RM20

Soup Kai See Hor Fun, RM 21

Half Chicken with Beansprout, RM 53 each

Hong Kong Choy Sum, RM 14

And off we go, back home after the hearty breakfast.
Can't wait to be there again!

Signing off with loves, 
A & invisible J

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