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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

August Highlights | Tehpeng Tower @RK house, Smores Ice cream, Color Run, Teenage Gorgeous You 2016, Boufe Cafe

First thing first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

By the second week of August, I was in semi-panic mode because I was thinking.. what I've done for the past two weeks. I had to search up my phone camera memory to remind myself cause I did nothing but workkkkkkkkkkk and played pokemon. Turned out my August was quite happz by the end of the month!

Here's what I have found on my phone.

Don and I helped Ben with his contest and I starred as his B<s>imbo</s>FF and I think the content was really quite funny, watch here if you haven!

Look at my ridiculous faces wtf

Caught up with my uni-friends aka i.KEA over Mootaka and S'mores Ice creams!
FINALLY got my mookata craving satisfied, well not so cause it wasn't really up to my tummy standards. Nonetheless, it's always good to have great accompany.

My friend, Kenneth, also took the chance to show off his new phone's camera to take the picture of the following mookata and TBH, the Samsung S7 Camera quite good sia.

Napoleon Mookata (Inside S-11)
Blk 711 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 Spore 560711

21 Cube Artisan for S'more Ice Cream

Queen of AMK (me) also brought my friends to the recently raved/hyped 21 Cube Artisan for some S'more goodness! Fellow AMK-ians, this ice cream parlour is located at the old sumo house area! If you are not familiar with the area, it is near Cash Convertors, opposite the AMK MRT Station.

Since there's three of us, so we got one of each cone to share - S'moreos  ($5.90) on the left and Honey Goldilocks ($6.40) on the right. My personal favourite is the Honey Goldilocks for the yummy Elderflower Honey that was drizzled on top! Yums so good and I could foresee myself having more hangouts over there with my foreign neighbourhood friends.

21 Cube Artisan at Ang Mo Kio
#01-2631, 710A Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, 561710

That same night I also had steamboat with my percussionists. #siaoone

I got quite busy after that week cause Pokemon Go is out and I had to go out and catch Pokemon and shed some weight. It was rather productive. Oh gosh who am I kidding.

On one of my percussion Pokemon catch dates, we met up, had a super filling dinner at Chomp Chomp and RK House. We crossed the road to eat prata cause our dinner at Chomps wasn't filling enough for us. And we had milk tea tower!!!!! WTFFFFFFF.

Our bad cause we causally disturb the staff and ask if there's anything more than milo tower, and we were like "bro got teh peng tower?"


Few days later, I continue my eating journey by having lunch with Leon and finally tried out Old Hen 's Cold Brew!

I think August was a fit month for me cause I did my first ever fun run with Sherms, Adel, Joce & Michelle! We had such a powdery fun time and it made my day filled with colours.

Color Run 2016

And there's always some time for night-outs! On the left is me and my uni friend, Evon, attending the RMIT Pre-grad party at Tap Craft, Capital Piazza. On the right is also me, getting ready to go.... meet my friend, then turn friends.

Boufe Boutique Cafe!

Then, I fell sick. I woke up with sore throat, blocked nose and all that nonsense but still managed to make it to my lunch appointment with JJ and Sophia! Sophia and I made friends while we were working for an event, while JJ and I were poly classmates, at the same time the two of them were secondary school friends. It was nice having epic conversations with them over super delicious lunch at Boufe!

I've been wanting to try Boufe for a super long time, I think almost 2 years? The cafe had some weird opening hours and I was late so Andy, Fenny and I missed it the last time. Then efforts to visit had failed so many times because of the location/the weather/operating hours, finally 给我吃到了.  Pardon the bad quality, I was quite sick I forgot to bring my camera :( #blameitonthesickcells

I had the Salted Egg Clayfish and JJ had the supreme breakfast. While I thought what I had was average, I loved the lemonade! Served with infused strawberry and cucumber, it was super refreshing, I think I would have a bucket, no joke!

On the following week, we have the SIM-RMIT graduation 2016.Quite bummed that I missed my breast friends' graduation cause I stupidly remembered the wrong dates. :(


Then comes the last week of August, burrrr It's time for the showdown! Thanks Ben for inviting us to the final round for TGY 2016, and I'm so proud and happy that he got the 1st runner up. To celebrate and fill our tummies, it's dinner time at The Tiramisu Hero.

Looking back, my August didn't seem as boring as I thought!

Ending off this post with the creepiest picture I've ever taken.


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