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Friday, September 2, 2016

Hey 23rd

Hey me , Happy 23rd.
Look at you it has been 23 years on earth, how's your stay at this planet so far?

Here's me, at 3.49am on my birthday typing on how I am sinking in as a twenty-three year old.
Dear future me, what do you think? Did you cringe reading this?

Thank you for teaching yourself life lessons like moving away from toxic people, appreciated your loved ones, baby steps outta your comfort zone, influencing youths, enjoying what you do for a living and most importantly be happy. I can't wait to be better things in life, be a better me, and just keep going. May I be able to continue whatever I enjoy and what I feel right, for as long as I want to.

Happy New Year Babe!
We still have 3 more months to finish off the year, but I am proud of me so far for this is one of my best achievement year. I really think I did quite a lot, and some that I never thought I would.
Good job me, I did SNSC Level 1, got my Class 3 License, finished my education with a Bachelors', just to name some. I'm sure I'm up for some new ventures and a brighter future. Isit now that I can start to live for myself? I am not sure, I hope so and please be.

Year 23, what am I expecting in the next 365 days?


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