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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sponsored Review : Weekend Lunch at Margarita's @ Dempsey Hill

"If life gives you limes, make margaritas!"😈

When @jthejon asked me out for a meal at Dempsey Hill, I knew I'm in treat. I'm not a frequent up the hills but I do know that good food is a basic requirement for restaurants to station themselves there.  We first arrived at the doorstep of Margarita's, with me head full of uncertainty. I mean I never had Mexican food before I don't even know what to expect! Don't ask me about burritos, I know nothing about them.

Anytime is Margarita time, and as the shop name suggests, we were quickly served a tasty, crushed-ice margarita each. Except that both drinks were different!
House Margarita 

If you have not already realise, the margarita on top has a dehydrated lime slice while the one lower has a dehydrated orange slice. The House Margarita contains Corralejo Tequila Reposado, Patron Citronge with fresh lime juice while the Grand Margarita has grand marnier, a orange-flavoured liquor, inside of the Patron Citronge, with fresh lime juice. The Grand Marnier has masked the tequila and make it easier to drink while the House Margarita would win any true blue margarita fan anytime!

Grand Margarita


We started our meal with Chile con queso melted cheese with Taco Chips, a classic Mexican favourite for all to enjoy. Served in a hot-pan, mix the custardy cheese well with the other ingredients and dip it with the taco chips, it is so good you wouldn't stop!

Bacon Rellenos
The Bacon Relleno is a typical Mexican appetiser, served with a twist at the Margarita's. Each jalapeno is wrapped with Bacon and stuffed with cheese, shrimps and other mexican spices. Who would have thought that bacon and shrimps would go well. Oh, and caution on this, bite carefully or you would have a flamed tongue!

Here's a peek when it is halved.


I'm was feeling sorry and guilty before the mains hit us. The portions were huge and the poor manager took pity on us and changed one of the mains to a bar snack. Best decision made ever, our server Rachelle was really patient and well familiarise with what was on the menu, the ingredients and every little detail. Basically anything we asked her, she is able to answer us. 

She also shared with us that Mexican food are normally served with different spices and bigger portions for sharing. In my opinion, food made for sharing normally taste better, not sure why. 
Mini Chimichanga
Patrons are given the choice to choose the meat but we had the one filled with pulled pork. The pork was flavourful and the chimichanga was crispy on the outside, just like the Chinese spring rolls that we have. Okay, #asianproblems. This version of the chimichanga was from the bar bite menu and I'm certain it would definitely go well with a nice catch-up and a ice cold beer or a classic margarita!

Alongside with the Chimichanga is the Chicken Fajitas!
I realised that the Mexican Food culture is very versatile while patron can always decide what are the meat that they prefer. The Fajita is the combination of grilled meat wrapped by a corn tortilla or taco and paired with sauces of your choice! We had to hands-on to get food into our tummy, I guess moving more would allow us to eat more? 

We later learned that it is the chicken breast meat and now, how did they make it so flavourful and tender! My favourite has got to be the grill chicken breast meat, I think it will make a great daily salad protein. At the second half of the dinner, I found myself skipping the tortilla and just munching on the grilled meat, it was so tender and well marinated! I personally think it would be a good beginner dish for people like me who has never tried Mexican food, it is very much of a local taste.


Kahlua Tiramisa
As the name suggest, it contains Kahlua, a coffeed-flavoured, sugar based liqeur that has rum, corn syrup and vanilla beans which made the dish well balanced. The cake was very moist as well.

The next one caught us by surprise, it is the Frozen Mexican Chocolate chile Mousse. Unlike the chocolate mousse that we see often, the Frozen Mexican chocolate mousse is a chocolate ice cream made in house topped with different ingredients to create a very unique experience for your palette.

The toppings includes almond flakes, olive oil and chili powder, the taste experience is beyond words, and it varies from one to another, depending on your taste buds. Someone to share with friends and explore while dining at the Margarita's!


Adding on to the authenticity of the Mexican vibes, we were told that everything in the store were directly imported from Mexico, hand picked by the owners. The passion of the owners' for their love towards the Mexican food and culture can be deeply felt through the restaurant settings.

This is a sponsored review but I am already looking forward to hosting more gatherings at the Margarita's! The food is affordably priced and were mostly meant for sharing. Definitely a good experience and great afternoon spent there.

Margarita's @ Dempsey Hill
Address : 11 Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249673
Phone : 6471 3228


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