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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Birthday Staycation @ W hotel Sentosa Cove | Dinner @ Greenwood Fish Market

Staycation at W hotel Sentosa Cove , Singapore

YAY it's my birthday! I know this is super duper overdue but like other years, Fenny and I would spent some time together to celebrate our birthdays since we were just one week apart. This year we decided to upz the game and booked ourselves a staycation at W Hotel Sentosa over a weekend ! It was a week after my birthday, which is 2 weeks after hers so I guessed the staff only mention my name but really, it was for the two of us. (But still, thank you to the house keeping team!) 

We had our late lunch at Kith Cafe, Sentosa quayside, and but then the two of us were already starving. We went back and hooray our room is ready!
lunch at kith cafe, sentosa quayside

We were so happy about the free upgrade (thanks a million!) and went straight to the poolside after getting ready! Pardon the low quality pictures for I DAM SCARED MY CAMERA KENA WATER.
W hotel Poolside

selfie at w hotel poolside

Juice by W hotel Pool side
Just chilling by the poolside!

W hotel Sentosa, pool bar

W hotel Sentosa,W logo

W hotel Sentosa, pool bar

W hotel Sentosa, pool side

Soon enough, it is dinner time at Greenwood Fish Market! Thankfully we made a reservation during lunch, it was super packed by dinner time. We were late, luckily they still kept the table for us. HENGAH. The food was superb, we enjoyed what we had ordered and definitely value for money.  
oysters ,Greenwood Fish Market

Greenwood Fish Market

truffle linguine, Greenwood Fish Market
Truffle Linguini ($24.99)

green lip mussels in white wine garlic sauce, Greenwood Fish Market
NZ Green Lip Mussels in White Wine Garlic sauce ($18.99)

Angie x Greenwood Fish Market

dinner at Greenwood Fish Market

We were so pleased with the food and service we would totally go back more enough if not for the distance. The price was decent, the bill came below $100 for 4 dishes and we did not have drinks. The portion was good for sharing for two, and what is better is definitely the ambience!

We had a little walk around and went back to our room shortly. Our room was set into a super romantic mood but we had our music on, soak ourselves in our bathtub, take pictures and had talks.
Did I mention that we had Bose sound system in the room? The experience was so good.

It was definitely quality time for the two of us to catch up for the whole year. Many things changed for the last 12 months and distance really did pull us further. Fenny shifted and I was really busy with the last lap of school and working life, we barely met throughout the whole time. Thankfully our birthday pact remains, and I can't wait for our birthday week to happen again. <3 Not sure where we will go next, but I'm sure we are already on the lookout. That's all for the staycation. Ciaos!


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