Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lunch Hour at KAISEN TEI by MOF

 KAISEN TEI is a casual dining concept that allow donburi customisation. Not just with the freshly cubed sashimi, seafood but as well as the choice between sushi rice and salad greens!

The brand had me down for lunch at the newly opened outlet, of 313@somerset #03-41, one lonely afternoon and tried out the signature KaisenDon and I got the chance to customise my own one !


☆Regular size ($16) with the choice of 4 fishes
☆Sushi Rice
☆WAFU sauce
☆Salmon, swordfish, clam and mini scallop

It comes with the tamago and cucumber cubes as well as spring onions (remember to opt out if you don't like 'em)


 ☆ Fuss free DIY order form  : get it done in less than 6 steps
 ☆More than enough options to create the most delish donburi for the picky eater
 ☆The choice to ABURI it ! Come on , torched food for the win!
 ☆2 size to choose ( one for the skinny and the other for the greedy)
 ☆11 toppings to add on : enough for your fussy Girlfriend ?

There is nothing much to complain about the customised donburi but if you are extra greedy that day, the signature KaisenDon or KaisenSalad will not go wrong !

The Kaisendon is topped with Mekajiki / swordfish , Mini hotate / mini scallop, Maguro / tuna, Ikura / fish roe , Salmon and drizzled with the KAISEN sauce, created by MOF's Japanese Head Chef, Chef Sonoda Kazumori, brings out the smoothness and compliments well with the cubed sashimi. Fret not, the Soyu based sauce it also available with the DIY donburi ! 

The star of KAISEN TEI is of course Donburi, but what's on the menu is also curry dishes and I also saw kurobuta pork Katsu! Perfect add on for the meal.

Thank you KAISEN TEI for having me and I can't wait for my next bowl of goodness! Meanwhile someone is eating truffle fries next to me so bye for now, I gotta settle for my next meal.


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