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Thursday, May 18, 2017

April Highlights | Ninja Cuts, Climb Central, Old Hen Kitchen, Ninja Bowl, Monument Lifestyle, CBSS Speech Day,Alley Bar, Maki-san, Mo’mor Izakaya,

April was a "people's month" for me, I had the chance to meet up with so many virtual friends, explore different new food joints in Singapore and talked to so many more people, which also means I spent a lot of my taste buds! There's a couple few places that I thought was quite worth the mention so here we go !

Ninja Cuts

I've seen so much posts on my instagram during the month about Ninja Cuts and I'm glad Cris bought me there to try out. 
Elderflower drink, Ninja cuts

I'm already loving the petals of the elderflower in my drink. I think that was also the day I realised that I low-key liked elderflower so much. 
Mains at ninja cuts

Climb Central

Also recently, we found out the climbing at climb central has been made easy! There's no need for any certification to climb with them, which makes climbing alot easier now cause we can go with any one now!

at climb central, auto belay wall

group pic at climb central, auto belay wall

Old Hen Kitchen 

Old Hen Cafe/Kitchen has officially been the spot where Leon and I chill out to catch up or talk about work or gossips. And here's one of our afternoons at the Old Hen Kitchen! I also wanted to try out the new (not so new now) Matcha drink, which now tops over the usual chocolate that I drink! 
truffle fries, old hen kitchenold hen kitchen's cold matcha milk

Ninja Bowl 

Then to Ninja Bowl with an old friend. Our ititnery was to just chill at Momement Lifestyle but end up too hungry, so I googled and found Ninja Bowl. I believed both ninja bowl and ninja cut was owned by the same people but personally I much prefer Ninja Bowl over the former for it's menu and portion. NB has a bigger portion in comparison and I liked the menu better, I love it so much I would like to have a bowl right now! Also, another stupid day where I forgot to charge my camera so pictures from the iPhone again. MEHHHHH.

Ninja bowls

Monument Lifestyle

coffee filter machine, momument lifestyle

interior, monument lifestyle

interior, monument lifestyle

having coffee and tea at momument lifestyle

CBSS Speech Day

Now to something more personal! As we all know, selected schools has been chosen for the merger in 2018 and unfortunately my secondary school is one of them. I had a hell lot of fun and enjoyed secondary school life the most out of my education life, even the blogging starts there wtf. I was privileged to be one of the few together my band seniors to be invited for the final speech day in CBSS. Super cool we were each given a bouquet of lettuce grown by the juniors. 
CBSS Speech day

CBSS Speech day, metier band

Seniors and Mrs Menon

the alumni and Mrs Ng and Mrs Menon

Alley Bar

drinks at the alley bar

Alley Bar is one of Singapore's favourite bars to hang out and chill but it's only my first time there after so long.
interior of the alley bar

Supply and Demand

lunch at Supply and Demand

Caught up with Jon over a work lunch and dined at Supply and Demand. It's been years for me to be back into the restaurant and also my first time at trying out the lunch menu. I think I wasn't very happy with the food the other day but nonetheless, it is still a good lunch time deal!


Yay to maki-san! This chain has been my to-go place when I'm lost in my food thoughts in town. Affordably priced, simple , healthy and delicious. Well Done. 

 Mo’mor Izakaya

Mo’mor Izakaya

Mo’mor Izakaya

Ending off the post with a selfie of myself wtf.


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