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Monday, June 19, 2017

//hk051016 : Australian Dairy Company, PMQ, Symphony of lights

Good morning and a set of breakfast from Australian Dairy Company will be so good to start the week! Australian Dairy Company is one of my favourite places to eat and also a place famous for bad service. (oops, hahaha) We joined the queue as soon as we reached there, and I think we had a good wait of 45 mins?

I'm not complaining because the wait is worth it for the value for quality breakfast served!

I had to bring my BFF along to taste the best scrambled eggs rated by me, and asked the Chinese girls who shared a table with us to take a picture for us. Both of us had a late night ( Disneyland is so tiring) and a early morning which caused such a bloated face on me. T-T

Interesting incident : for some reason, when I am in town, I alwayyyyyys got mistaken as a Hong Kong-er that lived in another city. While the cafe is famous for bad service, we actually experience the world class, homely service from that and with that said, the treatment between us and the two sets of Chinese tourist that shared tables with us was heaven and hell. HAHAHA

The shop staff even ask us if we want our bread to be toasted, how our eggs to be done and choice of drink. Even bid us goodbye! Fuyoh. You have a not? I think instead of saying that their service is horrible, I suggest to be dam clear of what you wanna order before you step in, that would really help. Google the menu or something!

The whole day was just us strolling around Central and exploring places that I knew, but never been too. Of course, I wouldn't miss a shot outside the my favourite starbucks store!

tried out Tai Cheong Bakery...

Which was so-so only lei...

Of course this is just to show off the new kicks.

And checked out PMQ,

Caught the Symphony of lights at an undisturbed location hahaha, away from the crowd.

Wear matchy outfits (DUH) and have a really good view of the city! 

Pretty much that is it for the day !


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