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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

May Highlights | Paylah Palooza, StarWars at GBTB, Lobster Broth Ramen, Tsukada Nojo

It's June already so to welcome the month, here's another Monthly Highlights! 
What have I done in May ?...

Paylah Palooza!

Previously I blogged for the pre-event, and of course, I went down for during the actual days to see what my expectations and the reality met. In summary of what the flea market differs is that, transactions are all done using the DBS Paylah app which is super duper convenience and life changing! 

Since DBS gave me some credits to spend... I thought I would use it wisely and spend it on some cool stuff. One of them was this palm reading booth which was quite an interesting experience.

I wouldn't share what was mentioned during that 20 minutes but it was definitely something cool to try out.

I also walked around and was drew to the cute Japanese tea bags. Look at the packaging la come on.
They are so cute I had to, spend my credits on them.

Paying the merchants is really easy, just open the Paylah app...
Scan the Merchant's QR Code....
Enter amount...

And Done!

Last item I bought was a essential oil roller from Rania Hasna.
They sell good quality essential oil, packed in glass bottles, most importantly reasonably-priced.

Don and I also went to shot some content for his upcoming contest, which I really hope he will win and here's the end product, edited by the boy ! <3 We spent so much time at Somerest 313 I really can memorise the mall already.

Star Wars at Garden by the Bay

Since it was MAY, of course we would want the Force to be with us. So towards Star Wars light show at Garden by the Bay!

The following week, I brought my tourist friend to Sentosa do to touristy stuff like going to the aquarium and watching the Wings of Time water/laser/light show, and chilled at one of the bars at the beach area.

Lobster Broth Ramen

All in the same day, lobster broth ramen for a late dinner ! There's a great hype about the ramen with it first opened and I finally had the chance to try it out!

I personally think that the thick broth is really quite shiok but it will take a while to get used to it as compared to the usual ramen. We had the mushrooms side and gyoza and they tasted pretty amazing too.
lobster broth ramen at clarke quay

Tsukada Nojo (beauty pot)

Beauty collagen pot dinner treat from the boss! Woohoo. Located at Chinatown Point, the Japanese restaurant has a strict requirement of 1.5 hours of eating time, and every diner has to be present before they can go into the restaurant. Most of us are beauty pot virgin so we very excited wtf.

The pot first came with some pudding like thingy which would melt into the soup base we see in the picture. According to my research, the chicken soup stock was stewed for more than 8 hours and the resturant is really takes pride in what the served. Most of the ingredents for the hotpot are vegetables but I think there is a whole chicken in the pot already? It gets a little salty at the end but overall it is super yummy!

The service, is something to mention too. The staff would help you arrange and put in the vegetables for you when the soup is ready. We also had some sides to go along with it but nothing really fancy so not gonna talk about it. At about an hour into the meal, the staff would bring out the choice of noodles (picked previously when ordering) go with the soup. I think I would go back soon. 

It's always lots of fun around them #workhardplayharder wtf
This picture serves as a lesson and a reminder as to why, I lost my voice for 3 weeks and still counting. 

Kaviel's Party!

My friend Kaviel hosts the best parties in town (this one i say one) so here's some pictures to share and to end the blog! 

It's almost into the second week of June as I write this, so please continue to be better!


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