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Monday, July 3, 2017

//hk091016 : Burgerman, Cat Cafe, Ding Ding Tram!

Soon enough, it was the last full day of our trip, and we went straight out for Burgerman for lunch, visited a Cat cafe at tea time and sat on the Ding Ding Tram in the evening. It was a pretty chill day and it was exactly what we needed.

Burgerman serves American styled burgers in their humble 20 seater shop, priced reasonably no doubt they have been voted for top 10 best burgers in Hong Kong!

Since it was the last day in town, we decided to go chill and also fulfill my promise - bringing the BFF to a Cat Cafe. I will NEVER step into one in Singapore cause I just don't like animals. However, in Hong Kong, it seems like cat cafe is quite a norm and popular among students and teenagers. I went to one in Causeway Bay the last time and I thought we could just check out one that was in our neighbourhood! Most cat cafes I know of are usually not on the ground floor, like this one, it is located on the second level and we had to call the owner to open the main gate before we could get in.

In the evening, we hopped in to the iconic Ding Ding trams in Hong Kong to have a different view of the city. I've been to Hong Kong multiple times but this is the first experience on the tram, it is quite easy to find, what I did was to check on the HK Tramway's website for the schedule and fare. You can either buy the tickets on the heritage tram iteself or on the website, we choose the former cause we are super free & easy and we are not every sure of our timings. We boarded the tram from the station nearer to Sheun Wan station.

It might seem boring to others, but I do think that it is a nice way to see the city and its skyscrapers. 

Super excited while onboard!

With that said, I conclude our 2016 Hong Kong trip.
See you soon HK!


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