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Monday, July 3, 2017

Weekend Retreat : Bintan Spa Villa with the Travelling Khakis!

I need a break, I really do it. By the time this post is live, I am already back from an island called Tioman, giving my hamster life a break. It took me a while to gather back all these pictures we took last June, a really brief trip to Bintan Island for a short getaway ( too short already in fact wtf). And looking back at these pictures made me realised that ,
1.      I didn’t do enough justice by giving it a good writeup for the time we spent together
2.      I really need to break.

For the matter of fact, I enjoy my work. I loved it so much I can just work everyday, but I have a problem – I’m getting unproductive. I stopped producing results and I am tired. I am like a hamster running on a wheel. I kinda lost the sense of directions and I figured out that it is normal. I just need a break, go somewhere to gather my thoughts again and come back as a better self. While I am somewhere else decluttering my thoughts, here we have, the 2D1N trip to Bintan Spa Villa with my TravellingKakis.
group picture at ferry terminal

Jilyn did the most work for this trip, as she sourced for the best deal, organised our details and making sure everything is smooth. The package of $213 includes 2 way ferry tickets and land transfer, a night’s stay at Garden Deluxe ,60 mins massage/facial, 1x BBQ dinner, 1x breakfast.

welcome drink

 We checked in to our rooms and quickly met up to go for our activities.

 The first lunch at the villa was on our own and we had some shitty burger after massage cause there isn’t much time to eat. But it was ok cause we ate like KINGS for dinner. Because the villa only had limited slots, we had to break ourselves into two groups for our massages. The massage oil gave me a skin reaction so if you have sensitive skin like me, I would recommend to bring your preferred oils to use instead.

While waiting for the rest to be done, we explored the area a little and spent most of our time in the swimming pool wtf and snap pictures! We were almost like on a camera review trip, we have a 2x casio waterproof cam and the GoPro for the trip and tons of fun exploring them out too. 

From afternoon take until night time wtf. 

We then went back to our rooms to freshen up then off for dinner! No need to shower cause later smelly again wtf.  We pre-ordered our dinner so we basically just sit down, wait for food and then eat. We had so much leftovers and people were just looking at us, we initally felt a bit paiseh but whatever la. Just sad that we killed 3 chickens for nothing wtf, didn't expect so much food la bro. 

Too full from dinner - so we bought some fireworks and enjoyed a good show with everyone. It was my first time setting up fireworks so I am really dam excited la, and surprised by the price too. Yuan lai so affordable one ah. The coward me was really scared and brave at the same time wtf. No time to take pictures of it as we were all too busy snapchatting wtf.

 A toast to our friendship with watermelon juice. (heng it is freshly blended). 

The next day we reluctantly wake up, drag ourselves for the breakfast spread which was quite decent and decide what do we wanna do for the day. We were given late check out for one of the rooms and so we went Kelong visiting! We took the little speed boat out to the kelong where we have access to kayaks and fishing and kelong jumps! We paid an extra fee for it, I remembered that it was really affordable just cant' remember the actual cost.

My turn to jump!!! But before I jump I need to take picture for my instagram feed !!! #instawhore

I caught some fishes that was grilled for lunch.

We came back to the island, chilled in the bigger jazcuzi with some cider and beers while the kitchen prepares for our lunch. 

We were given the choice of 2 lunch sets - Asian or western.

So small actually got nothing to eat, sorry dude, life is short. 

After lunch was just waiting for time to pass, we chilled around the resort, took some shots and soon it was time for us to be back to Singapore. It was a really brief but packed trip for all of us.

 We wished we had another day to really relax and all, it was just not enough. It feels like we just checked in and oh, we need to go already. And from this trip, I also learned that 2D1N trips are not enough and this is the reason why people opt for min 3D2N to really relax the body and mind! Nonetheless, I really appreciate the fact that we bothered to make time out to spend time with each other. More to come as a group, but meanwhile and next up...  Tioman's next! :) 


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