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Friday, January 26, 2018

Going for a flower arrangement class

The BFF Adeline (or otherwise known as "the one who refuses to create instagram ")and I have a long lists of things to do/try-out when we try to spend quality time together and we meant quality time we make sure we spend each minute doing something fruitful. One of the things in our freaking long list is flower arrangement and the opportunity came when A Better Florist contacted me to do a shout-out for them.

a better florist , flower arrangement class
 To be honest, flowers are not really quite my thing, I never understand them buttttt I still get very happy when I receive some. What sorcery wtf. So I chose to make my own bouquet instead of just receiving one from them instead! Here's what we got in the end! 
flowers from a better florist
 Love it! <3 

We chose the Sunday late afternoon class at their florist , located nearby Clarke Quay, feeling suthat feeling you get when trying something new.) It was a good timing for us seems it was in between our schedule.  It was a class of ten, with our instructor, a full-timer in-house florist. We didn't talk much to the rest but it seems that they were here for a better reason. Eg : wedding bridesmaid activity/ birthday activity, nowadays people so hapz what am I doing to my life)

We walked over from the Clarke Quay MRT and it took us about 10 mins to get there? Fantastic human GPS Skills.

The class started a little off time but we still managed to end on time, which was great since we have plans afterwards.

angie and some baby breath ; a better florist , flower arrangement class

baby's breath ; a better florist , flower arrangement class
Look at them so pretty  
angie, daisy flower

The instructor made sure all of us are on the same track,  and doing it correctly. So thankful for that, if not I would have been quite a mess!

a better florist , flower arrangement class

broken flower
careless me!
Flowers aint the freshest, so I get extra roses, but we talk about zero waste right!
The aim was to learn about the techniques anyway :) 
daisy, a better florist , flower arrangement class

a better florist , flower arrangement class

a better florist , flower arrangement class

wrapping up the flowers
angie and adeline pleased with their bouquet of flowers

Overall, it was a great afternoon spent. Although half the time I'm not sure wtf am I doing, the next quarter of the time figuring out what should I put the flowers and the last quarter putting everything together, the session was overall well-timed and interesting as we learned about the different plants and flowers used, as well as how we can put up a simple bouquet by ourselves. Thank you A Better Florist! 

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