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Monday, January 8, 2018

Struggles of 2017

The greatest struggle of all is - to keep this online diary alive. Most of the people that I know personally and majority of the public views everyone with a blog as a blogger and they are a scam and always get freebies. Unfortunately I dont, I do occasionally get invites from my influencer friends for parties/food tasting/product launch etc but personally, I have NEVER email any company to get something in return.My blog still truly stand as a publicly viewed online journal of my personal snippets and highlights in life that I want to remember, mostly happy stuff. thankfully.

In 2017, I was so busy that I don't even know what I was busy with, I drafted more  more than 40 posts, but they never made it to the light. I'm also guilty for towards my PR friends who have been patiently waiting for my review about products and food and whatever lah, and I took forever. I also wasn't able to keep up with my monthly highlight series - which I curated to make my life easier by summarizing everything for the month into one post. I kinda stopped after the death of my iphone 6s  but I promise they will be out soon! They are all in my drafts wtf.

The next struggle has to be my work life. As most would know, I'm contracted as a Financial Services Consultant with one of the Top3 insurers in Singapore, as much as I enjoyed the job, there were more downs than ups, with I am still coping as a soft skills trainer and still teaching my private tuition classes.

Life's been pretty rocky and I'm trying.

Thank you my little angels (the you reading this) for staying by and keeping up with me.

With tons of love this time,

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