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Tuesday, April 3, 2018


It's crazy, before I could update on the space about the start of my 2016, 2017 has ended and so is the first quarter of 2018. Here's a summary.

In 2016, I completed my unfinished business (overdue modules from school). Phew, no more crying and reading and studying at the same time. And also completed 4 basic sets of exams from SCI (Singapore College of Insurance). Became a financial services consultant at the end of that year, while I enjoyed the job scope as much as I did, I was still doing what I love - teaching and training.

I hope that answers everyone who's asking me about what do I really do. I train/coach, I give tuition (still, to my existing students) and I also I advise on financial planning.

And I still do, I have a clear vision for what I envision. The difference now? I left the company that I joined in Nov 2016.

There's so many things to say; it was not a decision I made over a fortnight, not influenced by any and most importantly - it came from the heart. While part of me still have mixed feelings for the change, I'm grateful and I'm excited for better things to come.


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