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Monday, June 4, 2018

Me VS Decluttering

Recently I have been very into like decluttering (???) and I was like "oh shit is this the start of my auntie life" hahaha. And I'm hooked. Well it has nothing to do with my auntieness thou, I found myself reading articles and  more articles , videos after videos about how clutter or rather mess at home have an impact on one's mental Heath and how it does affects the mood and productivity, and I found joy doing it. 

OMG Angie , what have you become to.

" tidy home is a tidy mind"

Then, I chanced upon this lady by the name of Marie Kondo, where she introduced the Konmari Method - an organization style to simplify and organise. She is also the author of " "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up." It's crazy I tell you. 

Here’s some of the things that I've learned throughout this process
  1. Get rid of duplicates
    We often buy things that are similar or even repeated without us realising and that is mainly just out of habit ; we like we buy.

  2. Get rid of things you have not use in a year.
    During my first attempt to declutter, I didn't want to let go of anything. Like why would I want to! I spent money on them and I want them in my life. However, I realised that there were more than 50% of the items that I've never touched them for years.They were just sitting in the wardrobe/drawers/basically some corner in the house and doing nothing, totally serving no purpose at all!

     Meanwhile, I'm determined to build a classic wardrobe with quality pieces that I hope to last me for years (of course still have some fashion pieces to spice up the look.)
  3. Don't keep things out of guilt
    I still keep items that are sentimental for me ; like all handwritten cards and gifts from friends/students etc. There were other items that it's just there and you would want to throw.
  4. A home for everyone
    There should be a place for everything, which then leads to being organised. Efficient tip! In her books/videos, she shared that every item should have a place to where they belong and thus not having a mess afterwards. Personally, I still struggle to keep the different things in place and even when I do, I realised that the lazy bad habit would make it tough -  "Aiya just left it on the table first, later then put it back" This shit never happens wtf.
  5. Plunge, then decide the next home for that itemThis is an important factor in the Konmari Method, Marie Kondo shared in her books and videos to set up 3 stacks - Keep , Give/sell, Throw. To begin decluttering, one can have three baskets, and then decide where each item belongs. Items belonging to the give/sell or throw section can be to sold via various platforms, donated/ give away or worst condition throw away or do some sorta recycling. It can be a painful process at the start, but would be something so fruitful and would also feel lighten up afterwards.

It's been an amazing journey to declutter and hopefully better in the future! 

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