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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Things to Plunge

Since I've been doing so much decluttering in my life right now, it was also an indication of how my money should be spent wisely. And because I'm so into it right now, I had to influence my friends to do the same. I realised that these are some of the common things my friends and I had to get rid of and you really have to remove the guilt in order to do so. People come and go, so do your items.

TL;DR : What Comes after decluttering :)

Make up

I think most girls would have this problem - buying too much make up. I personally don't really spend much on make up itself but sometimes you would really need variety and that's when horror comes in. I threw away one whole box of expired make up in such some has not even been opened yet. 


Oh dear, it's like never ending wtf. There are always clothes that has to go. With taobao and fast moving fashion, I could easily say that most girls would have clothes that they never wear it more than 5 times. I know like it's bit painful for the wallet but you know what, Carousell and refash is here to save the day. 

At the same time, it is also good time to perhaps start a habit to invest in clothing that are more versatile. 


Come on, who still read books nowadays. 
Opt for e-book or audio books instead, it's not only better for the environment, it is also more convenient to bring around.  You can either sell them or just donate it to the community library near you. I've donating mine to my students, cousins and lastly to the community library. 

Nail polish

I'm not sure about about others, but there was a period that I was all about nails and I had tons of nail polishes all in different shades of Colours. They all had to go. Who has time to wait for them to dry anymore? 

Anyway they are bad for the nail bed too.


When I as going through my own apartment, I took out so many things , like the old Nokia phones(that you can't even charge) and the webcams and the never ending spoilt cables and earpieces. Keep for what, really.

I also later found out that these electronic waste should be dispose properly.

Costume Jewellery

There are like clothes, elements that enhances the outfit wtf. Even if you don't have make up, you would still have costume Jewellery, price ranges from $1 to maybe hundred over dollars for better quality or designer items. I'm so guilty of this cause I had so much and I don't wear them anymore. I try to sell those designer items on Carousell while the Taobao/77th street ones, I just throw.


For the house, for the room - they are all just collecting dust now. So, Throw!

Knicks Knacks 

Same for this. it's crazy to look at them, think back about the dollars spent on it. Bad habit that gotta go! No more shopping and impulse purchases on knick knacks!


I've ton of magazines, from idol magazines and J-pop ones, where I picked up my Japanese makeup and fashion skills, they all have to go now. Let's be honest, no one opens them up to read anymore. *roll eyes*

Gift bags 

Awwww, those pretty paper bags that could have cost $2 for one. They are really pretty, unless you found a way to give them a second life, then get them out of the house. It's painful to get rid of them I know! T.T

Expired medication

 I researched and articles said that they are still good for use even after 15 years, but isn't it weird and not worth the risk for taking expired medication? And also, how often we do go back to old medication when we are not well. Certainly they have to go, just for safety. 


 The thing about receipts is we just keep them for no apparent reason. We pay and then we chuck it into our bags or wallets and they will be there for as long as we don't remember them. For myself, I keep them for filing taxes, but otherwise, they have to go too. 

p/s: Ways to get rid of plunge items.

So grateful that life have been easier with all these platforms! It's like garang guni man but modernized.
  1. Carousell 
    Game-changer ; I've sold countless things on the app, so did my friends. From camera to phones to my luxury bags, just blessed that I barely have any carouhell moments and glad that I managed to make friends with my buyers!

    At the same time, I manage to get some steals too! Need something? Carousell it first.
  2. Flea market
    Interesting experience ; It's expensive, dusty and troublesome but I feel that it's worth the experience. I did my first flea at Lucky Plaza where there are tons of people who really appreciate what you have to offer at a low price and gives the items a new life. Flea markets are a good place to get rid of clothes, accessories, shoes, or even suitcases. The demographics are lucky plaza are domestic helpers and our customers were buying for themselves or their family members in their hometown.

    Thing to note : Be nice, fleas are not really for you to make money, be prepared to spend the whole day standing and shouting and handle people who haggle for lower prices. Remember that you are there to get rid of plunge, your aim is to not bring home anything but cash.
  3. Facebook Marketplace
    Relatively new and great place to sell anything! I could easily get 10 or more enquiries in a day when I posted about selling my iPhone 7 plus. The Facebook Marketplace is like flea market, but virtual.
  4. Donate it away!
    Not into selling or getting cash back ? Then donate it! There are many avenues for donations, Salvation Army, religion groups, thrift stores etc.
  5. Just throw it away wtf.
    If item is damaged and beyond hope for a second life, no explanation needed. Just into the bin . 

It does take some guts to part with the items, but once it's done , I promise that you will feel a little lighter overall. :)


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