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Sunday, September 2, 2018

25 things I've learnt at 25

  1.  Mahjong
    Oh gosh, this has took me long enough. I mean like "I'm Chinese! I should I know this at the back of my mind! "
     I'm still bad at it but hey! at least I've got some basics there.
  2. Be truthful towards your feelings

    I've been drowning myself with positive thoughts, positive vibes all these years while I keep myself out of my shit hole to realise that, hey! that's not how it works. And I realised that that's what people have been doing too.

    "Wrap yourself with positive people, positive vibes, positive every single thing"

    So much positivity that it can do harm than good. I've learnt to address my feelings like a little kid, by asking myself questions on what have I done right to have a great day and vice versa. Of course, on bad days, learning to grill myself with questions like : What's wrong, what caused me to feel in a certain negative way and then resolve it. ( Here you go, a good practice on Design Thinking! ) Basically finding the root of the problem and then a solution to make it better. :)

  3. Categorise your friends -  "Yes" / Sour / The Guide

    The "Yes" friend is anyone's favourite, they agree to everything you say and of course say what you want to hear. Everyone likes things that is pleasant to them.
    The sour friend on the other hand is someone who have gotten something nasty to comment about ANYTHING. A bad listener and a worst one to heed advise from.
    The guide is one like a life coach ; that friend that makes sure you are on track and make sure you are set for your goals.

    None of them are bad friends, they are good in their own way but knowing which category they belong to had made me a better person/friend/team player. It helped me respond better in situations and know who to look for when I need affirmation (to the YES friend!). Sour friends are good for gossips plus they are great people who have tons of great deals. It also makes ME reflect on what kind of friend am I too as well as to who I should hang out with .

  4. Create more than you consume

    I had to credit it to the original writer though I can't remember who. The thing is this, I've been "consuming" lot of content online, by consuming I meant reading articles, watching videos etc. I have been doing so much of that, I forgot to "return" the favour by contributing to the community with the knowledge I have! That's bad, and so I decided to share as much as I can, maximise my creativity and inspirations for and with the common good. Busy is just an excuse.

  5. Skincare first, Make-up second
    Aging is real, that's what I always say and that's freaking truth. With that, it means that I age and I have to spend more money on getting my skin right. Also, learning to be comfortable with my own skin. Uncomfortable, painful and disgusting process I'm putting myself through.

    I try to not wear any make up as long as I'm not meeting important clients, or events to attend while taking pictures without makeup is still a huge NO. I'll learn, I promise.

  6. Do what you need to do.
    If it's right or has to be done, do it, somehow.
  7. Change 
    Change is this scary shit friend that freaks us all out. But the only constant is, CHANGE.. Whether you change for the best or for the worst. So feel the fear, but do it anyway.

  8. Be adventurous 
    Do things that you have never done before, go places you've thought of before.
  9. Life's not a buffet.
    Can't have too much on your plate, woman. It causes ingestion and there's a drop in food quality. Some days we fall for greed, we just have to remember to climb out from that.
  10. Be Hungry
    Always remember for the days you do not have enough food, to remind yourself to appreciate what you have and be a better self.
  11. Everyone have something to teach you.
    And if you are not open about it, you are losing out.
    My takeaway from this : NEVER JUDGE, Be kind, put on a smile and strike a conversation. You'll never know the impact that person can bring to you.
  12. Fix things, mend things and not discard them
    Be it an item, or a relationship - learn from the problem first.

  13. Be curious
    Have an open mind,always
  14. Never Mind
    But never mind. Never mind about what people say and their opinions, never mind about mistakes.
    Never mind about the judgement.
  15. Keep learning. 
    Learn from everything that comes your way - Feelings, mistakes, any life lessons
  16. Numerology
    I guess the most interesting subject that I've got in touch would be to learn about numerology. Yup, upgrading my witchcraft one step at a time.
  17. Do the right thing
    The world is small, the world is connected.
    Don't do shit cause people will find out.
  18. It's ok to be alone
    I am totally fine with being alone, and people needs to know that.
    People needs to know that we don't need other human to be with us to survive. We came to the world alone and we will leave alone too.
  19. Love yourself first
  20. Fundamentals of The Leadership Challenge
    and putting the five practices into daily use. It is not something new in my life, but knowing it in-depth and finally practicing it daily is. There are still so much to become a better leader to my peers and especially towards myself.
  21. The Science of Meditating
    At 25, I finally took the time off for meditation and it was one of the best decision made. It decluttered my mind, helped me be more mindful and showed more gratitude to the earth and universe.
  22. Be Sincere
    Always. Be. Nice. Sincerity will lead you to great things.
  23. Kindness always triumphs 
    Be Kind, even if the world fails you.
  24. Take Care of yourself.
    And the universe will take care of the rest. It is only when we take care of ourselves, respect our body, communicates with our minds, the best will find its way to us.
  25. You make your own happiness.
    You are the one that would put a smile on your face and you are in full control of that, and your life. 
Happy Birthday, me. 

With a lot of love, 

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