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Friday, January 20, 2017


The BFFL and I had been really busy for the past few months in whatever we were doing and we hardly had time for each other so much so that I missed her so much. While I spent most of my morning and late night procrastinating, I was also trying out "The rule of Only Three" to manage my time and lifestyle a little better. I've been trying out for a while and was sharing it with the BFF so I thought why not do up an entry about it and who knows, I might benefit someone else.

p/s : I came out with the tittle of "The Rule of Only Three" but it is just part of my nonsensical Angie Theory. I'm sure there's a more prof way or has been credited for something similar like that. If there's an official term for it, do let me know!

The idea of it was first shared with me by Mint where she mentioned that we should not overwork ourselves by doing more than 3 things at a time. At that period of time, I had several "jobs" up my sleeve! I was getting my income from my Full-time then part time Client Service Associate position in a MNC, a virtual personal assistant, teaching private tuition and at the same time, a full time student at SIM. That would mean that I had to juggle between work and school. Most of the days I slept at 3-4am whereby I would spent my breaks in between lectures to email/speak/liase with clients, do up my admin stuff and then to teach tuition or be in the office, only after I'm done with what puts bread on my table, I would start on studying for test, working on my assignments. I was so exhausted I would take any bus ride my nap session. I quit my office job eventually but I was still very much overwhelmed with work. After she shared the idealogy with me, I kinda felt that it made sense and that I should also improve on how to balance and make use of my time more efficiently. So I started to drop and give up opportunities after my graduation and limit myself to only FOCUS on 3 things at a time which was teaching and being more proactive in outdoor activities.

It was quite tough to begin with, as I struggled with my own emotions about having lesser income, not able to sustain my previous lifestyle and things like that. Slowly, I got the hang of it and then I moved on to only do 3 things in a day. For example, I would only go to three different locations in a day and nothing more that. On a teaching day, that would mean that I can only teach 3 students at 3 locations in a day before I tire myself out mentally. Another example of a typical day would be, T1: Practice my electone ; T2 : Prepare notes and worksheets for my students ; T3 Dinner plans.

I do feel that it helped to balance that delicate level for my time management, while I need to learn to manage my own feelings and emotions, it decreased my anxiety and put me into more effort in each. New and good habits are going to take some time to stay so hopefully I can maintain it!


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