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Friday, January 18, 2019

Ten years down.

Ten years, quick and easy - just flies like that.
Thanks to the #10yearchallenge , I thought it would also be nice to pen down my thoughts at this moment while reminiscing what I've been through the past ten years and to see whether I had a drastic change ! :D 

Ten years ago, I did my O'levels and graduated , I had a boyfriend, and I was looking forward to what life had installed for me. Within these ten years, I did my diploma, I fell into depressed mode, broke up with my then boyfriend, I had my down time. It was tough, real tough and I hated those days. Never a day was a looking forward to school, but thankfully I managed to strap it through. I met my BFF in school, and I'm glad we held hands and pull through those dark days and that we are in a much better place now. I spent a lot of time on the internet, there's when I made a lot of friends from the internet got closer with some of them. I remember a period when I was very active in blogging and I had products sent to my house weekly for product reviews!

I was fancy. I liked my nails to be painted all the time. I always try to look my best, quirky, spends a lot of money on clothes and basically things that would make me pretty - it was to boost my self- esteem

Ten years down, I matured, I am no longer in a relationship with someone else but in a better relationship with myself. I now had a Bachelor Degree that I fought for, some skillset up my belt and a future that I'm not quite sure about. These days, I grown to care more for others, and I know, I have so much more to achieve.

I stopped my bi-weekly manicures. These days I would only have my nails painted occasionally over festive seasons. I stopped trying to impress people, I care for my own comfort more. I wear what I like, I make myself like myself more.

We all have come far haven't we ?
Life, what challenges are you going to throw me next ?


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