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Friday, September 2, 2016

Hey me , Happy 23rd.
Look at you it has been 23 years on earth, how's your stay at this planet so far?

Here's me, at 3.49am on my birthday typing on how I am sinking in as a twenty-three year old.
Dear future me, what do you think? Did you cringe reading this?

Thank you for teaching yourself life lessons like moving away from toxic people, appreciated your loved ones, baby steps outta your comfort zone, influencing youths, enjoying what you do for a living and most importantly be happy. I can't wait to be better things in life, be a better me, and just keep going. May I be able to continue whatever I enjoy and what I feel right, for as long as I want to.

Happy New Year Babe!
We still have 3 more months to finish off the year, but I am proud of me so far for this is one of my best achievement year. I really think I did quite a lot, and some that I never thought I would.
Good job me, I did SNSC Level 1, got my Class 3 License, finished my education with a Bachelors', just to name some. I'm sure I'm up for some new ventures and a brighter future. Isit now that I can start to live for myself? I am not sure, I hope so and please be.

Year 23, what am I expecting in the next 365 days?


Sunday, January 24, 2016

p/s: this is like a personal reflection so.. it is probably gonna bore you.

In the year of 2016, I started the year without any fireworks viewing, no fancy outfit, no party make up, no squeezing in the countdown parties crowd, no alcohol,no pictures, no everything but spending the last hour of 2015 with the people who matter most. It was cozy, quiet, but close to heart. And we did online shopping and bought a $100 + bag. #HUATZ

Looking back, 2015 had been a year of reflections and soul searching.
Despite not having much achievement, I (surprisingly) surpass my happy quota, and may I continue to exceed it in the upcoming year.

Oopsies that I took so long to publish this as I was barely breathing from the things I were doing. I enjoyed them but it's pulling me away from this little space so I was glad that I found some time on a Sunday morning, finishing up this post that should have been published on the first week of January. Anyway still before Chinese New Year la hor, still in time ok.

Instead of doing a typical New Year blog post that I would not fulfill, I thought of just sharing how I can achieve things a little more in the said time frame of 365 days. I've also accepted the fact that goal setting did not work for me,fml. It's quite tough to accept that crushed feelings after you have a plan, trying to work towards it and it exploded. Later, I found out that it has something to do with my horoscope. Thus, le me is learning to accept it.

Learn, a little more.

The more places I go, the more people I meet, the more things I get in touch to in the previous year made me felt so little. There are so much things I do not know, and that I should not shut myself up. Last November, I took up a HR role in a SME and went with an open mind. Looking forward this year, I hope I would be exposed to more things, like more skills and knowledge based items. Keeping my fingers crossed too for trips that I have in mind and experiences that I have never thought of!

Care, a little more. 

I think it is about time to contribute back to the society. I am so busy that I often missed out people who has been trying to meet me up. I was so exhausted JUST by catching up with gatherings that I also missed some. See you all soon!!! I was so into making money I barely spent time with my close ones physically and communicate with them via the whatever ways. Thus, moving forward, I would like to spend time with them, a little more. :) I would also like to try to contribute to some charities or organizations for young children. Teach them music or something.


Open up, a little more. 

How well do you know me?
And how well do I know myself?

As I try my best to clear off my mental clutter, I want to give myself a chance to know myself better.
Especially this transition period between school and getting back to the workforce. I am generally a happier person now, and really working hard for my mental health. I think that is my main focus to build on for the year. To make it happen, I want to set aside some time to do soul-searching and explore myself. Hopefully, a better me by the end of the year.


Believe, a little more. 

Very blessed to meet Dean again on roomiesCD launch and other session we had as he shared with me the Law of Attraction. I felt that it was extremely helpful for me and it reduced my mental distress that I was going through at that point of time. I remember my homework was to "Believe in Love", which I would want to work on it too. It's tough la, really, when you are in pieces already and people still step on the broken pieces to make it into smaller pieces wtf.

Anyway, I will love myself first and always love the people who loves me. I will also believe in the things I can do, to do better and the ones I can't, that I can.

So I would love, a little more.

I can't believe I actually wrote such positive words.
Well, just a little more.

 Follow the flow, a little more. 

I met this fortune teller uncle in the middle of the 2015 who told me to stop thinking. Stop thinking about anything and just follow the flow like a piece of driftwood. Someone's gonna realise the beauty of the driftwood and appreciate it. It was also him that allowed me to realise a very severe condition- my thoughts conducts my body's behavior. It might not sound as bad as it seems but it WAS.

No matter how healthy I ate, I am always sick.
No matter what I do, I can't sleep.

Now, I know. It was all my unnecessary thoughts and expectations I had that was pulling me down.  The moment I lost myself in my own thoughts, my body failed me. I was mentally ill, therefore it resulted in my bad health ( food poisoning, insomnia and etc) My doctor also asked me to stop thinking so much la wtf. A little achievement unlocked was that I'm no relying on medication to sleep well!

Being part of the process,I had to learn how to make mistakes and accepting the mistake. It was one of the greatest challenges of last year but I think it was one of the best keynotes that I made myself went through. Pure mental torture for the Virgo but I'm glad that I had support. <3 Still learning to accept thou!

Go have fun, a little more.

Aiya, for this... If time permits la.
Recently I was exposed to sports (Wtf right I know) and gotten my SNSC level one cert!
Looking forward to go kayaking again, I actually quite miss the sport.
I kinda wanna be out under the sun more often, and have a much more active lifestyle.
That's something for me to note.
And generally have more fun la, THERE'S SO MUCH WE CAN DO! HAHA #crazycells

Grow, a little more. 

Not sideways. But emotionally, physically strong and mentally too!
I want to be more independent, more thoughtful and a little bit more talented.
I've also been training and teaching young children and teenagers but at the same time they are also teaching me things that I do not know. Being part of their life, influencing and growing with them has been a joy. Perhaps a stronger personality?

Level up, a little more.

Sometimes I felt that my life is all about collecting certificates..
There's never ending tests, assignments and examinations. 
Hoping to be a licensed driver soon and pass my damn Grade 6 Electone exams.
Also aiming to learn Thai and Japanese and be a certified diver!

Not forgetting, my bachelor's degree and financial stability.

That's quite a lot of things to work on and I should stop.
While I float around in my ocean, I really hope I can make improvements to my life little steps at a time.

May we all be better.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Merry Christmas! There’s 12 days to Christmas right(?) and it just so happened that today's the 12th day. No I kid. I drafted this and scheduled for publishing. I had a blast on the Christmas day itself so much that it drained out all the energy reserved for the whole year wtf. The day started off at the Iserals ( my ex colleague’s family) Christmas Party, it was more of a catch-up and all. I love her place so much, it is always so cozy and Christmas just leveled up its coziness.  The host, my BFF at work, Lexine, took the effort to create a photo area with backdrop and props wtf.

I’m so glad I met her while working and thankful that she always had me in mind. <3 Thanks babe and family for having me in the afternoon.

After a yummy lunch at the Iserals, I had to rush home to prepare as we planned an evening visit to the Gardens By the Bay!Went for the party earlier with my bare face cause I was so lazy. Mehhhhhhh.

Andy bought the tickets from the official website and I’m not sure if there were a promo, but we paid $18 each to enter both the domes. It was my first time to the Cloud Dome despite visiting the Flower Dome several times. There also some free exhibits/ light displays at the open area and it was pretty crowded. Walao you all no need eat Christmas dinner one meh! Here’s some visuals to share!

My camera was too cold so my pictures looked smoky.

Both of us got precious shoes so we didn't join them to get some snow stepping on the mud.

End up the wind blew and the snow flew out.

Here’s to the last part of my day – picking my travel Khaki up from the airport! It’s been ages since we had everyone together, all of us were so busy. But anyway, Leemei’s coming back for good!

 We had a mini surprise or prank ( can’t decide for that) for her and had supper the ever popular Swee Choon for dimsum together with our serious yet hilarious conversations.

It’s 5 am in the morning while I draft this blog post out and I’m reporting for work in a few hours time. Can’t be any grateful for all this amazing people in my life. My Thursday wee hours well spent wtf.

Well… Bye for now.



Friday, June 14, 2013

So it is my graduation day about a month ago, nothing really to be happy about or special about it.
I decided to blog about it probably because I never expected to have got it. I think I was a complete idiot when I was in poly, my results were super bad and I didn't enjoy AT ALL.  HAHAHAHAHA

Gosh I feel old !!!


Here are a list of people I want to thank as I complete my diploma studies. :')

Thank you C for helping me with all the poly decision making, and maybe your love too. Would appreciate if I could have you for a longer period in my life. Nonetheless, thanks for everything you ever done for me. x

Thank you ST for advice, guidance and being the one who taught me how to love life, as well as to appreciate myself. Best teacher in my life cause you taught me the most in life,你对我的好我真的会记一辈子。

Thank you cliquey ( Jocelyn, Diyan, Lena, Jinling, Koey ) for all the moral support when I was facing difficulties in school.

Thank you my year one classmates (Huixian, Grace, xinyi, jasmine, joey) for helping me with my school work.

Thank you Adeline for all your love for me, will always remember the super long text message you sent me on my birthday. Love you to the moon and back, best person I met in year one.

Thank you MSC Peeps, thanks for letting me know that not everyone in school is horrible.

Thank you Gossipgirls ( Shermane, Biying, Regina, Audrey & Adeline) for all the fun moments in school & outside. Thanks for making school more fun & all your help with the school work.

Thank you travel kakis ( Jocelyn, Tingzhi , Leemei, Daryl, Johnson) for your moral support and a sweet ending to the end of my hell hole.

Thank you Fenny, Conan & all the other blogger friends for making my after school hours so fun and enriching !


Monday, May 27, 2013

Finally a chance to try out the popular affordable restaurant that serve french food, Saveur!
Met up with my clique-y after work for dinner and I suggested that place cause we all wanted to have dinner below $20 per pax. Jocelyn said no problem to keep within our budget and I gave her my benefit of doubt.

 With Lena & Jocelyn, while waiting for the other two peep.

 Starter : Pasta & Green Salad

Indeed, the portion was really small. 
We shared the starters and it only seems like each of us had a few bites only.

 HAHA, we didnt celebrate Lena's birthday so I decided to get her favourite tiramisu from my favourite tiramisu store, THE TIRAMISU HERO. That's a Nonna Hero by the way.

Ordering at Saveur is really easy, either you order duck , chicken or fish.
Simple english. Mains were not more than SGD $12.

My say: 

The food was better than average however the portion was not very fulfilling, but again, it's french cuisine and I think french cuisine aint very much to be filling. Our total bill came to be less than $20 per pax for starters + main + drink. Therefore, I don't think I can really complain much about the food with the price.I would recommend this place to girls who have a really small appetite and those on diet but want to have something sinful. This is the place for you. 
We queue for about 30 mins before we could have a seat on the eve of a public holiday and it could have been longer if we came later. (We queued at 6pm) To have a comfortable dinner, I suggest to arrive earlier to get a table. 

Rating : 3.5 /5 

Group picture thanks to the shop staff who volunteered despite being very busy with the shop.