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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Drink up May.

This May, my breast friends and I checked out Freehouse for fellow breast friend's Limin birthday.
It was also a surprise for her cause it was one of the rare times we had full attendance. I skipped band for this girl okay! And also JJ travelled back to town for her. We shared some sides like the Cereal Frog Legs ($17) and Bacon Tempura ($9). Then we each had a bun (burger lah), with some craft beer along !

Cereal Frog Leg ($17)

Bacon Tempura ($9)

Address : 21A Boon Tat St, S(069620)

Tanuki Raw!

I visited that place like twice in a row, and I could only eat one freaking don. 
Then I took a week's break and went back for the third time, eating the same thing...
The first was for the BFF's birthday.

Second time with Amelia for lunch!

 Foodie Amelia and I wouldn't stop there, we then hop over to 313 Somerest to try out Huala The Waffle bar - you know the fancy hongkong egglet waffles with soft serve. I love Hong Kong Egglet waffles so I was a happy girl. #imisshk.

CBSS Alumni Gathering

It was very upsetting to know that my (and many others) secondary school are merging due to various reasons so the school organised an alumni gathering to you know, get together and be sad together and all. Thinking back, I think my secondary school is quite happening for a neighbourhood school to have frequent alumni events with the school, not to mention our concert band series, Metier, in July!

Took some time after work to visit the school and catch up with fellow seniors/juniors/teachers!

SkyHigh Trampoline Park 

Then then then the fat me discovered Skyhigh trampoline park! It was really near where I stay so Jocelyn and I decided to pop by and check it out! Of course the cheapskate me was really happy to find out that you know, WE GOT THE WHOLE PARK BY OURSELVES!!!!! 

Okay that's all for now. 



Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hello March!

Febraury has been well filled with activities and I thought I could do some highlights & favorite of the month! hehs, I miss blogging alot lei.


Dong dong changggggggggg. As usual, CNY was spent with my family in Malaysia and I had some extra days there. I managed to catch up with my cousins (who are all growing up so fast) and when I was back, I also got to meet up with my dear friends and new friends! Percussion also came over for the annual steamboat but we were so full we didn't take pictures.

CNY @ Malaysia. 
Apart from the usual fireworks, crackers, prayers that we do every year, this year my cousins were a little older now we went to watch the Mermaid (pointless, super lame but funny CNY movie), played arcade, took purikura and had Japanese food! This year we also went to the Old Folks' Home to give ang bao. I didn't take pictures cause I thought it was kinda rude, maybe next year I try again?

Gathering @ Fenny's new place. 
I was late and probably missed out alot but it is okay! At least I got to see them! Fen cooked a feast for us and I'm already missing her Kimchi Fried Rice. (She makes the best kimchi fried rice)


Photo Credits: theinfluencernetwork

Thank you TIN  for having me ,& Chang Beer too!
Chang Beer definitely make me wanna fly to Thailand immediately, tsk.
Nonetheless it was a nice gathering initative where I got to catch up with my old blogging peeps and meeting new faces!

Rebel Heart Tour Singapore

Catching the legend in action was something I did not expect this Feb, but so glad it happened. I was utterly upset about the floor plan cause it was so poorly designed and I was expected a lot more from her show. Nonetheless, she was amazing, I hope I would have so much energy and stamini like her when I am her age. It is also very inspiring that she has been the pop icon for the past freaking THREE DECADES and still keeping up in time, trends and whatever not.


I think what left a great impression on what I've watch will be this video on Rich Kids on Instagram.
I personally feel that there's no right or wrong to flaunt/show what they can afford to do, I mean I personally enjoy viewing the nice pictures. The video was produced by and I think it is worth a watch!

And having said that, goodbye February, you had been great!


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Today's feature is this half-themed karaoke joint at Clarke Quay- Tang Music Box

Very privileged us was given the largest room to enjoy ourselves to the max. I liked that it is roomy enough but not that big that everyone is just doing their thing. It was a large rectangular shaped room filled with an u-shaped sofa and a billiard table next to it. There are two more tables in front. I think it can comfortably sits up to 30 people in the room. (I think la) Not to mention, there's also a toilet within the room!

Tang Music Box is located on the 2nd level so when the lift door opens I was like WA. WOW-ed by the unique concept of what they called the Meeting Room. It was the entrance in and it was filled with snacks and beverage.
 And here's the fun part, you tell them your name and get a <s>room</s> karaoke room , run into the supermarket themed Meeting Room, grab all your favourite snacks and your choice of drinks, put them in the lime green basket, get them scanned at the cashier and proceed on to your room.
I swear their snacks bar is amazing

There are 25 different themed room and I'm sure you will get one that you like. (so book early).

I think we had Hong Kong street themed wallpaper in our room and it was so cozy with the dim light and not super dark lighting like other places. The other room that I liked had a beer/wine collection wallpaper. #ootdworthy
Damien, Don, Fenny & I!

Both Noelle the stupid and I were sick that day so I had to force her to take pictures in low angle wtf.
Here myself with Meryl! 

Photo Credits: TseLyn
Why would I say this is an ideal place before clubbing? 
I'm sure that 7pm -12pm clubbers like you all *point fingers* and sometimes me, would be thinking of how to kill that time before getting into the clubs after midnight. & here you have it - TANG Music Box
Depending on the number of people you have, you get to choose the room size and your total spending varies. At Tang, you only have to pay for the cover charge + minimum spending per room, NOT by the number of people or the numbers of hours you spent inside the premises.
p/s: you get some beers and done , you hit the minimum spending of $40. 

& that means approx slightly more than $10 per pax, OKAY WHAT. For either a  3 great hour catch up or singing session with friends, some more got food and drinks (depending on what you choose), I felt that the price is quite worth it. Of course it can go up to whatever you want the amount to be but it can be about $50 for 3 humans. OKAY WHAT. 
p/s: Complusory $5 KOD (copyright) surcharge is payable per person (not inclusive of the above)

Click HERE for more accurate prices
Prices varies from 2pm-7pm, 7pm-1am , 1am till closing, and of course from the more popular days of the week to the quiet days of the week.

Hope you will enjoy your session as much as we do!
Photo Credits : TseLyn

Getting There: 

Address: 3B River Balley Road, #02-03/04 The Foundry, Singapore 179021
Contact No. : +65 6338 6659/+65 6338 0081 
Nearest MRT Station : Clarke Quay MRT
Nearest Bus Stop No.: 04211 /04219


Thursday, May 30, 2013

I think we had nothing better to do so we went to book a studio and take some pictures !
Partly also because Leemei is leaving us to study overseas. 
Here's some behind the scenes pictures from my tr150 !


Le me after the shoot !
 off to our usual hangout for noms !

 Tried out the udders pancake and it was so good.

That's all folks !


Monday, May 27, 2013

Finally a chance to try out the popular affordable restaurant that serve french food, Saveur!
Met up with my clique-y after work for dinner and I suggested that place cause we all wanted to have dinner below $20 per pax. Jocelyn said no problem to keep within our budget and I gave her my benefit of doubt.

 With Lena & Jocelyn, while waiting for the other two peep.

 Starter : Pasta & Green Salad

Indeed, the portion was really small. 
We shared the starters and it only seems like each of us had a few bites only.

 HAHA, we didnt celebrate Lena's birthday so I decided to get her favourite tiramisu from my favourite tiramisu store, THE TIRAMISU HERO. That's a Nonna Hero by the way.

Ordering at Saveur is really easy, either you order duck , chicken or fish.
Simple english. Mains were not more than SGD $12.

My say: 

The food was better than average however the portion was not very fulfilling, but again, it's french cuisine and I think french cuisine aint very much to be filling. Our total bill came to be less than $20 per pax for starters + main + drink. Therefore, I don't think I can really complain much about the food with the price.I would recommend this place to girls who have a really small appetite and those on diet but want to have something sinful. This is the place for you. 
We queue for about 30 mins before we could have a seat on the eve of a public holiday and it could have been longer if we came later. (We queued at 6pm) To have a comfortable dinner, I suggest to arrive earlier to get a table. 

Rating : 3.5 /5 

Group picture thanks to the shop staff who volunteered despite being very busy with the shop.